The Easiest Way to
Sell Your Tesla

Why Only Used Tesla?

Transparent and Simple
Just $199, and your listing will stay up until your car sells.
No Hidden BS
We’ll never collect and sell your private data, or blindside you with a million nickle-and-dime fees.
Valet Posting
Send us the info we need, and we’ll handle the rest. All that’s left is choosing who gets your car.
Bypass State Restrictions
Tesla still can’t legally sell directly to consumers in many states, but dealers and private sellers aren’t bound by those laws.
Speed Up Your Sale
Most Teslas sell in 30 days or less. For an additional $100, we’ll even leverage Facebook and Instagram to target local buyers already looking for your exact model.
Get Better Views
It’s a waste of time showing your Tesla to someone who wants a gas guzzler, so why list it next to a gas guzzler at all? Half a million people come here every month because they already want what you have.