1,000 mile range and 1 min charge for real?

Jan 7, 2019   

If you want to make an EV cheaper and able go say 600 miles on a single charge, the EV industry needs a damn breakthrough in battery technology. Good lucky!

Electric cars are the future no doubt but when the heck will it happen? Ev car makers are spending billions in battery tech. The problem is simple. People don’t wanna wait to charge their vehicles they are used to the ICE when you fill up your tank in under a min and go.

Gas prices are going down. People are not in a hurry. It’s about the bottom line. People wanna save money.

Lithium ion batteries are still going to be expensive for the next 10 years. Sure you can goto a SC and in 30 minutes you get 80 percent. But you wanna be able to charge in a minute and be out.

Lithium-ion tech, the standard right now uses liquid electronics to move ions between anode and cathode to charge and discharge a battery. A solid state battery ( no moving parts) replaces the liquid with a solid material like ceramic , glass or polymer.

Ok so this is what we want. 1 min charge with 1k range is that too much to ask?

If you want to read about about this stuff , the smart people at Bloomberg wrote a smart article on it. Check it out HERE

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Adam Qureshi.

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