Teslas are environmentally friendly. Teslas are built with an eye for superior performance and design. Teslas are the only electric vehicles in existence that don’t just want to save the environment, they want to make it more beautiful.

Teslas come with the only charging network that actually makes long-distance trips feasible. Teslas become better versions of themselves by updating automatically while you sleep. And when you wake up in the morning, your Tesla always has a full tank.

Teslas aren’t just luxury vehicles, they’re luxury experiences.

But there have always been barriers to that experience. From auto-dealerships colluding with government to restrict consumer choice, to cost-prohibitive technology, to limited stock from overwhelming demand… not everyone who dreams of owning a Tesla has been able to make that dream a reality.

Today, that changes. Today, we drive humanity forward.

Until now, there has never been a marketplace exclusively designed for used Teslas. Until now, there’s never been a place dedicated to making the experience of buying and selling used Teslas as extraordinary as the experience of actually driving them. Until now, there’s never been OnlyUsedTesla.com.

Meet the Founder—Adam Qureshi


Adam began his career humbly on the streets of New York as a young boy, where he delivered newspapers and sold luxury bags to the wealthy elite. Gradually, he has built his life and company through a combination of hard work and uncompromisingly honest business. Today Adam has devoted himself to helping existing and prospective Tesla owners with great deals and services. His firm stance on fraud protection and robust universal digital privacy rights have earned him immense respect in the Tesla community.

Moving forward, his calling is to help wean the world off it’s gasoline addiction, and help everyone make the switch to electric vehicles so that the future is a cleaner, brighter, healthier place for us all.