Tesla Autopilot 3.

Hardware 3.0
According to Tesla’s Andrej Karpathy, as of Q3 2018, there have been large neural networks developed for Autopilot but cannot be used due to the lack of computational resources in the current Tesla hardware. The next version of the hardware could provide the resources to allow for better accuracy in predictions.[53]

HW 3.0 includes a custom Tesla-designed processor using application-specific integrated circuits (ASIC) chips. Tesla claimed that the new system would process 2,000 frames per second, 10 times more powerful than hardware 2.[54] [55] The firm described it as a “neural network accelerator”.[49] The company claimed that 3.0 was necessary for “full self-driving”, but not for “enhanced Autopilot” functions.[56]
Tesla estimates first availability of HW 3.0 to be April of 2019.

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So what does mean for your tesla when your ready to sell? It may go down but it depends if your buyer values AP or NOT.
The resale values of Tesla vehicles are exposed to significant technology risk, specifically with regard to battery and self-driving technology. Batteries account for around 20% of the total cost of Model S and Model X vehicles. Although leaps in battery technology that can be applied to older BEVs would boost their resale values, advancements that improve range and reduce the costs of only new BEVs would likely steepen the depreciation curve of current and older BEV models. Also, the widespread adoption of advanced autonomous or self-driving features in future Tesla vehicles could reduce the resale values of older Tesla vehicles if sensors, hardware and/or software that implement self-driving improve rapidly and existing vehicles cannot be easily upgraded to incorporate these features.

Every time hardware + software is updated it makes the last version less valuable and Tesla may stop supporting each version and focus on the new new. Don’t believe the hype. Ready to sell your Tesla or need a real time valuation ? contact@onlyusedtesla.com