Tesla had a financial earnings call revealing insight on a new Model Y, details about Supercharging becoming open to all electric vehicles, and a FSD subscription paving the way for Full Self-Driving to eventually be… Read More
Tesla has issued another price increase for Model 3 and Model Y. Model 3 All-Wheel Drive now starts at $49,990, an overnight increase of $1,000 and a $3,500 overall price adjustment for the year. Model… Read More
The New Jersey Board of Public Utilities launched Year 2 of its electric vehicle incentive program Charge Up earlier this month.  Year 2 changes the program from a post-sale rebate to a point-of sale incentive.… Read More
A “Clean Energy for America” bill has been introduced that could make new Tesla’s eligible for a $10,000 federal tax incentive. The bill would increase the federal tax credit to $10,000 for electric vehicles produced… Read More
Tesla plans to open its Supercharging network to electric vehicles from other automakers. Elon Musk made the announcement on Twitter, citing that Tesla created its own connector as there was “no standard” when they initially… Read More
Tesla’s Semi truck is preparing to enter production following numerous delays. A production line for Tesla Semi at a newly-constructed building next to Gigafactory Nevada is reportedly nearing completion. Drive axle production is ready and… Read More
Tesla has unveiled a Full Self-Driving subscription for owners with compatible hardware; however, there are unforeseen caveats. Pricing is $199/month, or $99/month for owners that already have Enhanced Autopilot. Full Self-Driving Capability features include Navigate… Read More
Tesla has increased the starting price of Model S and Model X Long Range configurations by $5,000. Model S now starts at $84,990 for a base Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configuration. It should… Read More
Tesla has delivered 201,250 vehicles to customers in the second quarter of 2021, the automaker’s most deliveries ever. This comes after mounting odds, with semiconductor shortages affecting production across the entire automotive industry, and a… Read More
We’d like to take a moment to clear up the confusion that commonly surrounds the $7,500 federal tax credit incentive for electric vehicles. Disclaimer: Tesla no longer qualifies for the federal tax credit in any… Read More
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