Tesla Begins Offering Vehicle Wraps

Tesla has begun offering its own first-party vehicle wraps at delivery centers, albeit with one major caveat: the service is initially only being offered in five Chinese markets. Tesla announced the new service via the Chinese social network Weibo. The announcement highlights the fact that “Tesla is becoming more and more common on the road” […] Read More

The Case for a $35,000 Long Range Model 3

During the Q2 2020 Earnings Call, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shed some insight on Tesla’s plans for the future — which includes more affordable vehicles as well as a longer starting range. For Tesla and the electric vehicle industry going forward, Musk stated that the new standard for EPA-rated range will be 300 miles. Consumers […] Read More

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q2 2020 Earnings Call

Elon’s Overview Tesla has started work on building a new facility in Texas for Cybertruck/Semi production Tesla Solar is now the lowest-cost solar roof in the United States, with a lowest-price guarantee ($1.49/watt with a tax credit) Tesla introduced the first production car with more than 400 miles of electric range (Model S now has […] Read More

Model Y: Leasing vs Financing

Tesla has recently introduced leasing to Model Y. We break down whether it makes more sense to lease or finance, and what type of consumer is best-suited by each option. Starting with the principal economics, leasing over three years makes Model Y’s Long Range Dual Motor base configuration cheaper by around $200/month compared to financing […] Read More

Tesla Adds Model Y Leasing

Tesla has added a leasing option to Model Y. Leasing starts at $499/month before incentives for the base Long Range Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive configuration, with a suggested down payment of $4,500. An estimated total of $5,700 is due at signing, which includes a $695 acquisition fee as well as the first month’s payment. The […] Read More

Tesla Updates Model S/Model X Supercharging Rate to 250kW

Tesla has upgraded the Supercharging rate of Model S and Model X to 250kW, which equates to a charge rate of roughly 1,000 miles per hour. The upgrade to 250kW Supercharging is hardware-based, and available on recently-produced Model S and Model X vehicles. This brings the Model S and Model X’s charge rate in-line with […] Read More

The Inevitability of Model Y Long Range Plus

We believe that Tesla will unveil a Long Range Plus configuration of Model Y within the next two years. Just as the automaker had done with Model S and Model X, we believe that over time Tesla will phase-out the current Long Range configuration of Model Y. It would be replaced with a Long Range […] Read More

Model Y Standard Range Cancelled, Replaced by a More Affordable Long Range Configuration

Tesla has cancelled a Model Y Standard Range configuration, which was scheduled to begin production in early 2021. Per a Tweet from Elon Musk, the automaker had decided that the range of Model Y Standard Range would be “unacceptably low” as it would have attained a sub-250 mile range rating from the EPA. Tesla has […] Read More

German Court Labels Tesla’s Autopilot and Full Self-Driving Claims As “Misleading”

A court in Munich has ruled Tesla’s statements relating to Autopilot and Full Self-Driving as being “misleading.” Tesla Germany is subsequently banned from stating that Full Self-Driving adds the “full potential for autonomous driving” in its advertising materials as a result of the court’s ruling. Similarly, Tesla can also no longer use the term “Autopilot […] Read More

Tesla Lowers the Starting Price of Model Y

Tesla has lowered the price of both available configurations of Model Y. Tesla’s Model Y mid-size SUV now starts at $49,900 for a Long Range Dual Motor configuration, equipped with a premium interior and Autopilot. Similarly, the Performance configuration is priced at $59,900 with a standard Performance upgrade package. Both represent a price cut of […] Read More

Tesla Renames Autopilot 1.0 to “Highway Autopilot”

Tesla has formally changed the name of Autopilot 1.0 to “Highway Autopilot.” Autopilot 1.0, also know as Autopilot with Convenience Features, is now designated as Highway Autopilot on Tesla’s Software page. Owners of Tesla vehicles built prior to late 2016 with Autopilot 1.0 can expect to see the name of the package changed as their […] Read More

Tesla Raises the Price of Full Self-Driving Capability to $8,000

Tesla has raised the price of Full Self-Driving capability by $1,000 to $8,000, effective immediately across its entire lineup. As CEO Elon Musk Tweeted would happen last month, the price of Full Self-Driving Capability was adjusted on July 1st. In the past Tesla has delayed anticipated price increases by as much as a few weeks […] Read More

How To Keep From Getting Scammed Buying and Selling Used Teslas Online

The process of buying and selling used Teslas should be easy, fun, and – most importantly – safe. That’s why we actively take steps to eliminate fraud on our platform by doing things like verifying identities and obtaining car history reports. No matter what steps we take though, there are always people out there pushing […] Read More

How to Sell Your Tesla Online

Selling a Tesla online is the best way to receive top dollar for your vehicle. (Often times the value of private party sales can exceed trade-in offers by upwards of $5,000.) At Only Used Tesla we make the process as easy as possible so that you can be matched with a buyer looking for exactly […] Read More

Model S Long Range Plus EPA Range Surpasses 400 Miles

Tesla has updated the EPA rating of the starting configuration of The Model S long range plus, which is now rated at over 400 miles of electric range.  Model S comes with an EPA-rated range of 402 miles — a milestone for Tesla as it’s the first time an electric vehicle has been rated in […] Read More

The Full Terms of the New Jersey Electric Vehicle Incentive Program

The Board of Public Utilities unveiled the online application for the Charge Up New Jersey vehicle incentive program yesterday alongside the terms and requirements of the rebate. The full rebate applies to electric vehicles with an electric range of over 200 miles as well as a final MSRP of $55,000. Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, […] Read More

Tesla Lowers Pricing Amid Pandemic

Tesla has dropped prices across its lineup by as much as $5,000 in the light of the current global pandemic. Model 3 Standard Range Plus now starts at $37,900 — a reduction of $2,000. All other configurations of the Model 3 also saw a $2,000 price cut. (The $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 is still […] Read More

Does Free Supercharging Transfer to New Owners?

Tesla has offered various levels of Free Supercharging promotions to incentivize purchases. Free Supercharging was originally transferable to subsequent owners in the case of a private sale; however, recently that hasn’t been the case. 2016 & prior Tesla vehicles that were purchased in 2016 and earlier that include Free Supercharging will include it for the […] Read More

Does Autopilot/Full Self-Driving Transfer to Subsequent Owners?

Many privately-owned used Tesla’s already come equipped with Autopilot and in some cases even Full Self-Driving Capability. We break down what this means for prospective buyers. In the case of a private sale, do these features transfer to subsequent owners? The short answer is yes. If a Tesla is equipped with Autopilot and/or Full Self-Driving […] Read More

Full Self-Driving Cost to Rise by $1,000 on July 1st

Tesla CEO Elon Musk Tweeted Monday night that the price of Full Self-Driving Capability is set to rise by “~$1,000 worldwide on July 1.” This approximated price increase would bring the price of Full Self-Driving (FSD) to ~ $8,000, up from its current $7,000 price. Tesla had previously raised the price of FSD by $1,000 […] Read More

Should Tesla Offer an Extended Service Agreement Subscription?

With Full Self-Driving getting ready to roll out over the next year and the ability for a Tesla to hit over a million miles on the same motor, is now the time for Tesla to introduce an Extended Service Agreement subscription? As we reported yesterday, Musk revealed that Tesla is planning to introduce a subscription […] Read More

Tesla’s Full Self-Driving Subscription: Predicting the Potential Cost and Who It Will Benefit

Elon Musk revealed during a conference call that followed Tesla’s Q1 2020 Earnings Report that Tesla is planning to offer Full Self-Driving as a subscription model in the future. We predict the potential cost associated, and whether it will make more sense to purchase Full Self-Driving as an option today or wait until later this […] Read More

PSA: Tesla Does Not Remove Features from Privately-Sold Tesla Vehicles

There have been rumors circulating around the internet that Tesla occasionally removes features such as Autopilot or Full Self-Driving Capability after a used Tesla is sold. We’re here to clarify that that isn’t the case. The story of a Tesla buyer was widely reported in the press after Tesla remotely removed both Autopilot and Full […] Read More

The Complete Guide to New York’s Drive Clean Rebate

New York State offers an aptly-named Drive Clean Rebate that applies to over 40 models of electric vehicles, including all Tesla models. The Drive Clean Rebate provides a point-of-sale rebate of up to $2,000 towards the purchase or lease of a new electric vehicle. All new Tesla models qualify for the rebate, with reduced amounts […] Read More

Tesla Offers MCU2 Upgrade for Older Model S/X Vehicles, Track Package for Model 3

Tesla is now offering an infotainment system upgrade for Model S/X vehicles, as well as a Track Package for Model 3 Performance. Tesla is preparing an optional Media Control Unit upgrade for Model S and Model X vehicles built in March 2018 or earlier. Vehicles built after that date are already inclusive of MCU2, the […] Read More

Tesla Updates Model S/X Range, Adds New Upgrade for Model 3

Tesla has improved the range of Model S and Model X, while also adding an after-delivery upgrade for Standard Range Plus Model 3 owners. Model S comes in a new base configuration called “Long Range Plus,” which features an improved range of 390 miles. This represents a 20-mile improvement over the previous Long Range offering. […] Read More

How to Tell If a Standard Range Model 3 Is a $35,000 Base Model or an (unofficial) Standard Range Plus

Tesla produces two variants of the Standard Range Model 3: Standard Range and Standard Range Plus. There are various ways to check which configuration the vehicle is, regardless of what’s listed on the “About My Tesla” page. Both vehicles come equipped with a vegan leather “partial premium interior.” Although Tesla had originally intended for the […] Read More

The Benefits of Buying (and Registering) a Tesla in New Jersey

New Jersey has become the best state to buy most current Tesla models, with multiple potential benefits for new and current owners that are residents of the state. Buying a New Tesla As of January 17, 2020 a new $5,000 incentive is effective in the state of New Jersey. This applies to anyone purchasing an […] Read More

Why Tesla Remotely Removing Features from Used Vehicles Won’t Matter to Private Sellers and Buyers, But Should Be a Concern for Dealers

Tesla has been in the news recently for remotely removing Autopilot features from a Model S that was sold with them by a third-party dealer. We break down the full story, and why private sellers and buyers generally don’t have to worry about this. Jalopnik broke the story of Alec, who had purchased a 2017 […] Read More

Tesla Offers Model 3 and Model Y Performance Configurations with an Optional “Performance Upgrade”

Tesla is offering Model 3 Performance as well as Model Y Performance configurations without Performance upgrades; however, the benefits of forgoing them are insignificant. Customers can choose to order Model 3 Performance or Model Y Performance through Tesla’s online configurator without the “Performance Upgrade.” The Performance Upgrade adds Performance Brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered […] Read More

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q1 2020 Earnings Call

• Tesla to produce 1,000x more cars in 2020 than it did in 2010, with 500k+ deliveries
 • 2020 to be the strongest financial year yet
 • Q1 automotive sales are impacted by seasonality
 • Model Y to also be produced at Shanghai Gigafactory
 • 1-2 week Shanghai factory delay due to Coronavirus factory shutdown
 […] Read More

Complete Guide to Tesla’s Premium Connectivity (2020 Edition)

Tesla offers Premium Connectivity as a subscription that provides the capability to access all of the car’s multimedia features over cellular. Many Tesla’s are already grandfathered into having Premium Connectivity for the lifetime of the vehicle. We break down what this means for current and future Tesla owners. What Is Standard Connectivity? All Tesla’s come […] Read More

NJ Set to Become the Best State to Buy a Tesla Model 3

Legislators in New Jersey are about to pass a new bill targeted towards the adoption of electric vehicles, which will be especially beneficial to prospective Model 3 buyers. Most notably for future Tesla owners in New Jersey, the bill will introduce a state incentive for buyers of fully electric vehicles. As Model 3 exceeds 200 […] Read More

Why Doesn’t Cybertruck Have Any Tesla Branding?

Tesla’s polarizing design for the Cybertruck is unlike any other vehicle the company has produced to date, with one glaring omission that highlights that aesthetic: Cybertruck has no Tesla branding. Cybertruck is completely and totally devoid of any Tesla branding. There are no logos on the front or rear bumpers of the truck, the wheels […] Read More

Tesla’s “Acceleration Boost” Upgrade Officially Detailed

We’ve received details about the official spec of Tesla’s “Acceleration Boost” upgrade. The Acceleration Boost currently available is rated at 3.9 seconds, up from 4.4 seconds, for Long Range All-Wheel Drive Model 3 owners. A customer has informed us that he’s now able to add the “Acceleration Boost” via his Tesla account. The cost of […] Read More

Tesla Model 3 “Acceleration Boost” Upgrade Leaked: What This Means for Owners

A number of Tesla Model 3 owners have reported an “Acceleration Boost” appearing as an upgrade in their Tesla accounts. This has the potential to raise values for used owners as a further improvement to their Tesla; however, it can also potentially be detrimental to owners of certain configurations. A mysterious “Acceleration Boost” upgrade has […] Read More

Santa Possibly Coming Early for Tesla, Other EV Manufacturers in Form of Tax Credit Extension

At the end of each quarter immediately before a drop in Tesla’s tax credit, there are always rumors that an extension for the credit may be right around the corner. So far, those rumors have never panned out and I would typically recommend buyers not wait and potentially gamble away their current tax credit on […] Read More

Tesla Unveils Futuristic Cybertruck: A Full Overview

CEO Elon Musk took to the stage Thursday night to unveil Tesla’s futuristic new Cybertruck. Musk wasted no time in unveiling the Cybertruck, with Tesla’s new pick-up truck unveiled just minutes into the livestream. As promised, the Cybertruck’s aesthetic could have been pulled out of a science fiction movie. Cybertruck was designed with an exoskeleton […] Read More

Tesla’s Media Control Unit: MCU1 vs MCU2

All Tesla’s come with a Media Control Unit, which is a computer that powers the main display and all of the multimedia and UX features. We break down the differences between the newest version and the original, and which Tesla’s have MCU1 or MCU2. Model S and Model X vehicles that were built prior to […] Read More

Tesla Starts Building 2020 Model Year Cars: What Does This Mean for the Market?

Tesla has uncharacteristically begun building vehicles with a 2020 model year designation, starting in November of 2019. We were able to locate a new 2020 Model S Performance in Tesla’s new inventory this week. Availability of a 2020 model year this soon is unusual for the company, as Tesla has historically followed a calendar year […] Read More

FSD: “Future” Self-Driving

While Tesla claims they are still on-track to release a “feature-complete” version of Full Self-Driving by the end of the year, we investigate the likelihood of autonomy becoming a reality sooner rather than later. Let’s start with Smart Summon, an imperative building block of Full Self-Driving Capability which will be combined with Autopilot and recognition […] Read More

Tesla Raises the Price of Full Self-Driving, Long Range Model 3

Tesla has raised the price of Full Self-Driving alongside an unexpected price increase for the Long Range Model 3. After suggesting that the cost of Full Self-Driving would go up over time, delaying it numerous times, then Tweeting that the price would go up by $1,000 on November 1st, the change has finally taken effect: […] Read More

Tesla to Improve Performance, Range, and Efficiency for All Customers

Musk revealed during the company’s Q3 2019 earnings call that Tesla is preparing a software update that will improve the performance, range, and efficiency of all current Tesla models. An over-the-air update is coming in the next few weeks that will improve power output for all Tesla customers. Model 3 power output will be increased […] Read More

Full Self-Driving to Become “Feature Complete” by the End of the Year

Tesla revealed during the Q3 2019 Earnings Call that they expect Full Self-Driving to become “feature-complete” by the end of the year. Those enrolled in Tesla’s Early Access program (available to all customers that have purchased Full Self-Driving) will receive an update later this year that enables the rest of Tesla’s promised Full Self-Driving features, […] Read More

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q3 2019 Earnings Call

One million Smart Summons to date, with an improved version coming next month based on fleet learning. Early Access release of feature-complete Full-Self Driving by end of this year. Having three Gigafactories will more than triple output over time. More advanced batteries and more efficient powertrains coming in the future. Version 3 of Tesla Solar […] Read More

Tesla Raises Model 3 Starting Price, Pushes Delivery Timelines

Tesla has made numerous changes to Model 3 this morning, including a price increase and delayed delivery timelines.  Model 3 Standard Range Plus now starts at $39,490, an increase of $500. With this price change, Tesla has silently updated the range to 250 miles (up 10 miles from 240). It’s unclear at this time whether […] Read More

The Value of Modifications on a Used Tesla

A growing number of owners add modifications to their Tesla to protect and customize their vehicle: how much resale value do those mods add when they eventually sell or trade their car? We surveyed a community of Tesla owners and prospective buyers, and found that 42% of people thought that modifications made no difference in […] Read More

Tesla Releases Its Biggest Software Update Yet

Tesla has begun rolling out Software Version 10.0: the company’s “biggest software update ever.” The features included in the over-the-air update (which is available to all current Tesla owners) are numerous, spanning entertainment with new gaming and multimedia options as well as convenience — featuring the long-anticipated release of Smart Summon. Tesla Theater adds Netflix, […] Read More

Tesla Makes Pricing Errors on Used Model S Inventory

Tesla has unloaded a number of used Model S vehicles at prices that are significantly under market value.  The most drastic error we’ve seen so far is a 2018 Model S 100D Ludicrous Performance with Red Multi-Coat paint priced at $52,600. Prices went as low as $43,100 for a 2018 Model S 100D Long Range […] Read More

Our Take on Incentives: A Response to Elon’s Fundamental Premise of Tesla’s Sales Model

Elon Musk claims that a fundamental premise of Tesla is that everyone is offered the “same terms” at the “same time.” We think that Tesla could stand to offer incentives as needed.  His recent Tweet on the matter was in response to Tesla’s (unadvertised) end-of-quarter incentives: anyone who takes delivery by the end of the […] Read More

Guide to Sales Tax When Purchasing a Used Tesla

Some states offer benefits on the sale of used vehicles that can make buying a used Tesla private party a financially-savvy decision. States with Sales Tax Exemptions Arizona doesn’t charge sales tax on a private party vehicle transaction. Compared to purchasing from a dealer, this saves buyers from paying the state’s 5.6% rate as well […] Read More

Tesla Adds Pedestrian Warning Alert to New Model 3’s Built in September

A Tesla technician has confirmed that Tesla has begun adding a pedestrian warning sound to Model 3’s built from September 1st and on. All Model 3’s produced this month include a pedestrian warning speaker that emits a high-pitched noise when the vehicle is operating below 19mph. The sound is different depending on whether the vehicle […] Read More

Tesla Insurance Launches in California

Tesla’s in-house auto insurance launched today, with initial availability in California. Tesla Insurance is designed to provide Tesla owners with competitive rates that take the safety and serviceability of their vehicles into account. Tesla claims that rates are “up to 20% lower” than comparable insurers, with savings in some cases that can total “as much […] Read More

Tesla Pulls Used Inventory in System Transition

Tesla has begun pulling cars from its used inventory as the company is in the process of transitioning to a new inventory system. We are on authority to state that Tesla has recently switched to a revamped inventory system on its back-end, and is in the process of making a full transition. We are unsure […] Read More

Tesla Increases the Price of Model X Seating Configurations

Tesla has increased the pricing of upgraded seating layouts on Model X, and no longer includes multiple standard interior décor options on the Performance model. An effective price change today has raised the price of upgrading the interior layout to six or seven seats by $500. An optional six seat interior layout is available for […] Read More

Why Kelley Blue Book’s Tesla Valuations Aren’t Accurate

Kelley Blue Book, the most popular source for dealers and consumers alike to calculate a fair purchase price for a vehicle, has been largely optimistic with its Tesla valuations. Kelley Blue Book had projected the Model 3 to retain 69.3% of its value over three years, and 48.7% over five — which is best-in-class and […] Read More

Tesla Brings Model Y In Parity with the Rest of Its Lineup, Drops Price

Tesla has effectively dropped the price of Model Y by making more features standard. Model Y starts at $48,000 for a Long Range configuration with Autopilot and Pearl White Multi-Coat paint standard. Previously, the same configuration would have cost $53,000. A Long Range Dual Motor configuration is available for $52,000 while Performance remains at $61,000 […] Read More

Will My Tesla Become an Appreciating Asset?

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has stated repeatedly that Tesla’s will become appreciating assets. We breakdown the likelihood of those claims. According to Musk, Tesla plans to bundle Full Self-Driving on all vehicles it sells in the future. As the cost of Full Self-Driving increases over time, this will lead to Tesla’s equipped with the capability […] Read More

What Is Full Self-Driving Capability?

Tesla has been sending emails to Enhanced Autopilot customers with an offer to upgrade to Full Self-Driving Capability at a reduced price of $3,000. But what exactly does that mean today? Upgrading to Full Self-Driving Capability today ensures that a Tesla will continue receiving updates in the future that are designed with the goal of […] Read More

Premium Connectivity Coming to Standard Range Model 3

Tesla will offer a Premium Connectivity plan for Standard Range Model 3 configurations later this year. Tesla’s site was recently updated to reflect that the company is planning to release “Connectivity plans for Model 3 without Premium Interior (later this year).” This comes without a formal announcement or Tweet. Premium Connectivity adds streaming audio (via […] Read More

The Implications of Full Self-Driving on Insurance

Tesla hopes to have its Full Self-Driving suite “feature complete” by the end of the year, but are insurers (and regulators) ready for autonomy? We should start by pointing out that “feature complete” and “fully autonomous” are not interchangeable terms. Tesla may have all of the features that it anticipates as the building blocks to […] Read More

Tesla Brings Back Free Supercharging on Model S and X

Tesla is once again offering free Supercharging on new Model S and X vehicles. All new Model S and Model X vehicles sold today include “Free Unlimited Supercharging,” including custom orders and new inventory. This perk entitles a Tesla owner to free Supercharging for the duration of their ownership. Originally, Tesla had offered Free Supercharging […] Read More

Enhanced Autopilot No Longer Available on Tesla’s Used Inventory

Tesla has stopped selling used cars with Enhanced Autopilot enabled. Used inventory on Tesla’s site now comes with base Autopilot (or less commonly, no Autopilot features at all), regardless of model year or the previous owner’s activation of Enhanced Autopilot. Even if the previous owner enabled Enhanced Autopilot prior to trading the car in to […] Read More

Enhanced Summon: Ready for August 16th?

Enhanced Summon is an upcoming feature (which has understandably been delayed multiple times) that will enable a Tesla to navigate a parking lot to find its owner. Owners in Tesla’s Early Access Program have been testing Enhanced Summon since April. Summoned directly via a smartphone app, a Tesla will navigate a parking lot while avoiding […] Read More

YouTube and Netflix Coming to (Parked) Tesla’s

Elon revealed on Twitter that Tesla has plans to add multimedia apps to watch on parked Tesla vehicles. Tesla owners will soon be able to watch media from YouTube and Netflix via their vehicle’s central touchscreen. It was cited by Musk as having an “amazingly immersive, cinematic feel due to the comfy sears & surround […] Read More

The Complete Guide to Tesla’s Warranty

New Vehicle Limited Warranty Every new Tesla comes with a “New Vehicle Limited Warranty,” which is essentially bumper-to-bumper coverage that covers the repair or replacement necessary to correct defects in the materials or workmanship of any parts manufactured or supplied by Tesla that occur under normal use.The coverage is effective for a period of four […] Read More

Model S and X No Longer a Priority for Tesla

Elon revealed during the Q2 earnings call that going forward Model S and Model X are no longer a priority for Tesla. The company is no longer focused on Model S and X due to comparatively low volume: Tesla only delivered 17,650 Model S and X vehicles in the second quarter, while Model 3 deliveries […] Read More

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q2 2019 Earnings Call

Model S is MotorTrend’s Car of the Year – “Most Coveted Award” By end of year expected to be producing Model 3 in volume at Gigafactory Shanghai for the Chinese market Preparations for Model Y have begun, expected to be easier to ramp for production (3/4 of all parts shared with 3) Manufacturing cost to […] Read More

Complete Guide to Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full Self-Driving Capability

Tesla has been making changes to the way that the company bundles and sells its autonomous driving features. We’re here to help break it down for those considering a new or used Tesla.  Autopilot Autopilot is included on every new Tesla sold today. This feature enables your Tesla to drive, brake, and steer automatically on […] Read More

Guide to Free Supercharging: No Longer Offered on New Tesla Inventory

Tesla is no longer offering free Supercharging on new inventory. For a limited time, Tesla had brought back its free Supercharging program for its newly-refreshed Model S and X vehicles. The program entitled owners to “free unlimited Supercharging” for the duration of ownership. The company had offered a similar program in the past as an […] Read More

Model 3 Performance Available Without Performance Upgrades for $49,990

Tesla is once again offering a Model 3 Performance configuration that includes Aero Wheels and the standard suspension at a discounted price. Available by request, customers can order a Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Performance model without the performance upgrades for $49,990. These configurations still feature a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, but lack 20” […] Read More

Standard Range Removed from Model S and X, Ludicrous Included on Performance Models

At the same time Tesla adjusted pricing across its Model 3 line, the company also made compelling changes to the Model S and Model X. The Standard Range configuration is no longer being offered for Model S or X. This effectively raises the base price of Model S by $5,000 ($79,990) and Model X by […] Read More

Tesla Drops Prices Across All Model 3 Configurations, Makes Pearl White Multi-Coat Standard

Tesla has dropped the price of all Model 3 configurations, significantly so in some cases, and in a surprising move made Pearl White Multi-Coat the standard color. Model 3 now starts at $38,990 in Tesla’s online configurator for a Standard Range Plus model (a price cut of $1,000). Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Long Range dropped to […] Read More

Tesla: No Plans to Refresh Model S/X Interior This Year

Elon announced on Twitter that Tesla has no imminent plans to refresh the interior of the Model S and X this year, contrary to popular belief. In response to a customer request for information about Tesla’s plans for the future of the Model X and the prospect of a “refreshed” model, Musk replied that there […] Read More

Tesla Brings Collision Repair In-House

Tesla announced that they will begin performing in-house collision repairs. Tesla will perform first-party repairs of paint scuffs and scratches, minor dents, and all bolt-on replacements (such as bumpers, fenders, doors, and side mirrors). Appointments can be scheduled at Service Centers and through Mobile Service, where applicable, directly through the Tesla app. Tesla touts in-house […] Read More

Tesla RAVEN: The Longest-Range Electric Vehicle Now Goes Even Farther

For more than a decade, Tesla engineers have been obsessed with making the world’s most efficient electric vehicles. As a result, Tesla vehicles already travel farther on a single charge than any other production EV on the market. Today, we’re making changes to Model S and Model X that allow them to travel unprecedented distances […] Read More

Tesla to Change Base Color, Charge $1000 for Solid Black Next Month

Elon Musk revealed on Twitter that Tesla is planning to change the base color of all its vehicles starting next month. Tesla will begin selling its cars with a basic white paint color as the standard paint option. The color will be a solid non-metallic white, which will be completely different from the Pearl Multi-Coat […] Read More

Checklist for Buying an Out-of-State Tesla

Whether purchasing a Tesla on Only Used Tesla or any other outlet without seeing the car in person first, these steps help protect both buyers and sellers to ensure expectations are set. We find that most if not all used Tesla sellers we come across are honest and upfront, so we want to help make […] Read More

Model Y, China, Tesla Taxi Network, and More Updates from the Shareholder Meeting

Model Y The demand for Model Y is anticipated to be greater than the S, 3, and X combined. An incredibly low drag co-efficient, potentially lower than Model 3, is also expected which should contribute to class-leading efficiency. The car will feel bigger than it looks on the outside, which Musk attributes to quality vehicle […] Read More

Tesla’s Pickup Truck to Be Unveiled Later This Summer

Today’s Shareholder event revealed more details about Tesla’s upcoming pickup truck, which is set to be revealed at an event of its own at the end of the summer. Tesla’s pickup truck will sport an all-new design that is unlike any other pickup on the market. Musk went as far as to say that it’s […] Read More

Industry Heading Towards Autonomy

At the annual shareholders’ event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shed some light on the company’s full-self driving progress. He estimates that by the end of the year Tesla will have a fleet of over a million cars that are capable of full-self driving, with older AP 2.5 vehicles requiring a simple computer swap to the […] Read More

Model 3 Outselling All Competitors Combined, Tesla Beats Range and Efficiency of Competition

Model 3 has become the best-selling car in the country. Model 3 outsells every other car in its class by a significant margin. In fact, it sells more per unit (and to a greater degree revenue) than the Mercedes C-Class, BMW 3 Series, and Audi A4 combined. It is clear that there is no issue […] Read More

Tesla’s Site Becomes More Upfront About Pricing

Tesla updated its site on Sunday to offer prospective buyers a more transparent look at pricing, while at the same time highlighting the potential cost savings involved with ownership. A new selector at the top of the configurator lets prospective buyers choose whether they would prefer to see the actual purchase price of the vehicle […] Read More

The Price Is Right Contestant Wins a Tesla Model 3

During its annual Dream Car Week, The Price Is Right featured a new Tesla Model 3 in its showcase. A lucky contestant had the chance to win a Long Range All Wheel Drive Model 3. Assumedly to make the game more challenging, the show chose a car in the rare Obsidian Black Metallic color which […] Read More

Tesla Drops the Base Price of Model S and Model X

In a surprising move, Tesla has dropped the base price of its Model S and Model X vehicles by $3,000 and $2,000 respectively. The base Model S model now starts at $75,000 (previously $78,000) while the base Model X starts at $81,000 (adjusted from $83,000). This price cut comes after Tesla removed the software-limited Standard […] Read More

Tesla Raises Prices Due to Increased Tariffs

Following the Trump administration’s tariff increase on Chinese imports, Tesla has raised the price of all Model 3 configurations listed on its site by $400. The tariff on Chinese imports coming into America has raised to 25 percent from 10 percent. Despite pleading with the administration for an exemption, Tesla will face a tariff on […] Read More

Tesla Revamps Used Inventory Site

Tesla has updated its used inventory site with a sleek new interface that brings actual images of its used vehicles front-and-center for the first time. In addition to a stock image of the vehicle, used vehicles now include a comprehensive gallery of images taken by a third party. The new interface highlights the specs of […] Read More

Key Takeaways from Tesla’s Q1 2019 Earnings Call

All Tesla vehicles shipping today include full self-driving hardware, with the potential to make an estimated $30,000 per year on the company’s upcoming ride-hailing taxi network. Only company producing their own cars, batteries, and full self-driving hardware which will result in the most profitable autonomous taxi on the market. Large number of overseas deliveries were […] Read More

Tesla to Launch Its Own Insurance Program Next Month

Per today’s earnings call, Tesla is planning to launch its own in-house insurance program next month. Tesla had been planning to launch its own insurance/maintenance program for some time and bundle it with their cars at time of purchase. While it isn’t clear whether that will be the case here, it is expected to be […] Read More

Tesla Model S and Model X Updates

For more than a decade, Tesla engineers have been obsessed with making the world’s most efficient electric vehicles. As a result, Tesla vehicles already travel farther on a single charge than any other production EV on the market. Today, we’re making changes to Model S and Model X that allow them to travel unprecedented distances […] Read More

Tesla Details New Full Self-Driving Computer (Hardware 3.0) Specs

Tesla realized three years ago they had to create their own hardware from the ground up to make full self-driving possible. After recruiting former Apple chip engineer Pete Bannon, Tesla started development of its in-house autonomy solution Hardware 3.0. A neural net accelerator running at 2100 frames per second, which is critical to making full […] Read More

Model 3 Trim Comparison: Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, and Premium Models

Tesla’s $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 is set to include even more features than originally advertised, per our source from Tesla sales. While we already reported that the Standard Range Model 3 would be a software-limited Standard Range Plus model complete with leather seating and premium trim, we have received a detailed official comparison between […] Read More

Model 3 Inventory Available on Tesla’s Site

New Model 3 vehicles with under 50 miles are currently available on the site. Customers will receive immediate delivery but Tesla is not offering any discounts on existing inventory. These cars are eligible for the same federal and state incentives as a custom build. We were able to locate Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, and […] Read More

Tesla Model S and X Due for Next-Generation Refresh

Tesla is planning imminent upgrades for the Model S and X that will bring the most significant refresh for both vehicles in recent years. New permanent magnet reluctance motors are expected to replace the AC induction motors that Tesla currently utilizes, which will allow for a greater degree of efficiency. Tesla built the Model 3 […] Read More

Tesla Delivers the First $35,000 Standard Range Model 3

Tesla has delivered the first $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 six weeks after making the car available to order, with a few surprises in store for those who ordered. The first confirmed Standard Range delivery took place Sunday in Florida. We contacted Tesla and confirmed that they are delivering Standard Range Plus models to Standard […] Read More

Is Tesla Leasing a Good Deal?

Currently, Model 3 leasing starts at $504/month with $3,000 down for a black Standard Range Plus model with Autopilot on a 36-month/10k miles a year term, or an effective net cost of $587/month. An additional $695 acquisition fee (which is a typical bank fee for leases) and first month’s payment are due at signing. At […] Read More

Tesla Removes $35,000 Model 3, Makes Autopilot Standard, Adds Leasing

Tesla announced they are making significant updates to the Model 3 lineup today, which includes making Autopilot standard as well as removing the $35,000 Standard Range model, effectively raising the base price to $39,500. Tesla streamlined its Model 3 lineup to three configurations: Standard Range Plus ($39,500), Long Range Dual Motor ($49,500), and Performance ($59,500). […] Read More

Tesla Announces Date for Q1 2019 Financial Results and Webcast

Tesla will post its financial results for the first quarter of 2019 after market close on Wednesday, April 24, 2019.  At that time, Tesla will issue a brief advisory containing a link to the Q1 2019 Update Letter, which will be available on Tesla’s Investor Relations website.  Tesla will hold a live question and answer webcast […] Read More

Help Us Extend the Federal Tax Credit

There is bipartisan legislation in Congress to extend the federal electric vehicle tax credit that needs the support of EV drivers and enthusiasts to pass. Please help further the cause by taking action through Plug In America to inform local legislators and ultimately gain more co-sponsors on the bill so that it has a greater […] Read More

Early $35,000 Model 3 Orders Being Upgraded to Standard Range Plus

We have received multiple reports from those that have ordered the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 that their Tesla account is reflecting an upgrade to the $37,500 Standard Range Plus model without their authorization. We are on speculative authority to state that Tesla is still unable to build the standard interior, as our Fremont source […] Read More

Tesla’s Missing $35,000 Model 3: Has the Company Built a Single Standard Range Car?

The long-promised $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 was made available to order on February 28th, but over a month later not a single customer has taken delivery of the base model car. That leads us to ask the question: has Tesla built a single $35,000 car, or did they make it available to order before […] Read More

Tesla Pushes Custom Orders, New Inventory

Tesla updated its homepage today to reflect that new orders through its configurator are “custom orders” while simultaneously pushing the sale of new, pre-built inventory on Model S and X. Considering that Tesla builds cars in batches, it is possible that they will begin pushing cars that are already built before a buyer chooses to […] Read More

Tesla Inventory Cars worldwide Rise by 3% On April 1

Tesla jacks up prices today. Effective midnight tonight. Used prices may stabilize slightly or the depreciation on them may slow down. Want to keep tabs on the used Tesla market so you can snap up a good deal before anyone else? Bookmark our listings page. Want a 100% free Net Present Value estimate on your […] Read More

Tesla Brings Back Referral Program with New Prizes

Tesla launched a new referral program that rewards both Tesla owners and the customers they refer with 1,000 miles of Supercharging. Additionally, with each referral Tesla owners are entered into monthly giveaways to win a Founders Series Model Y and quarterly giveaways to win a Founders Series Roadster, which are both signed by Elon and […] Read More

Tesla Removes Standard Range For Model S

We just checked and Tesla removed the Standard Range option for the Model S. Read More

Tesla’s Price Increases Finally Take Effect; Surprisingly, Less than Advertised

Tesla’s advertised price increases took effect across its lineup early this morning, with changes that are less significant than anticipated. Model 3’s base price remains at $35,000 while the Standard Range Plus variant, which adds a partial premium interior and additional range, saw its price increased by $500 to $37,500. All other configurations of the […] Read More

Tesla Model 3 Interior Package Comparison

Just came across this on reddit from user TroyTeslike: Tesla Model 3 Interior Packages Comparison from teslamotors Want to keep tabs on the used Tesla market so you can snap up a good deal before anyone else? Bookmark our listings page. Want a 100% free Net Present Value estimate on your Tesla? Contact me directly […] Read More

Tesla Delays Price Increase (Again)

After prominently advertising on Twitter and in a blog post that Tesla would raise prices on Monday to counteract the reversal of store closures, the company has once again delayed the price increase to midnight Wednesday. Originally, Tesla had posted on its blog that prices would increase an average of 3% on March 18th. Musk […] Read More

Tesla Mid Range Model 3 Discontinued

Tesla dropped the Mid Range Model 3 from its configurator Saturday night in preparation for tomorrow’s anticipated 3% price increase. Introduced as a $46,000 configuration that qualified for the full tax credit, the Mid-Range Model 3 bridged the gap between the Standard Range and Long Range models. Its price was subsequently cut to $40,000 following […] Read More

Model Y Available to Order with $2,500 Order Payment

Bypassing the advance reservation that is typical with Tesla, Model Y is available to order right now via Tesla’s site. Like all other Tesla’s ordered today it is subject to a $2,500 order payment. Don’t expect deliveries to begin for the hotly-anticipated SUV until the end of next year; however, the order payment is fully […] Read More

Model Y Unveiling Completes Tesla’s S3XY Lineup

Tesla CEO Elon Musk took the stage at the Tesla design studio to in Hawthorne, California to unveil the company’s long-awaited Model Y, a mass-market SUV built on the Model 3 platform that looks strikingly similar upon first impression. Musk anticipates five stars in every safety category, accompanied by the performance of a sports car […] Read More

Tesla’s New Pricing to Take Effect March 18th

Tesla will be increasing the price of all vehicles other than the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 an average of 3% on Monday, March 18th. This change will also affect Autopilot and Full Self-Driving, which will revert to their original post-delivery pricing. While the blog post’s original announcement only referred to “more expensive variants of […] Read More

Tesla to Keep Most Stores Open, Raise Prices 3%

In a sudden reversal of course early Monday morning, Tesla announced in a blog post that they would be keeping most of their stores open while raising prices of Model S, Model X, and “more expensive variants” of Model 3 on average 3% to make up for the increased costs. This comes after Tesla’s decision […] Read More

Online Sales: Shaping Tesla’s Future

Tesla surprised many by closing all of its retail stores in favor of an online-only sales model. As Bloomberg points out, consumers are already comfortable making major purchases from their smartphones — making the move a potentially fitting evolution of the dealership model. Tesla could be setting a new precedent, despite a negative reaction reflected […] Read More

Tesla V3 Supercharging

Tesla V3 Supercharging! The Bread And Butter: We’re launching V3 Supercharging for Model 3, our highest volume vehicle. We will increase Model S and X charging speeds via software updates in the coming months. Our first non-beta V3 Supercharger site will break ground next month. We are also unlocking 145kW charge rates for our 12,000+ […] Read More

Tesla Premium Connectivity cost? $100/year

What are the new connectivity options? Standard Connectivity offers basic maps & navigation, music & media over Bluetooth® and software updates over Wi-Fi. Note: Important safety updates will continue to be available over the car’s cellular connection. Premium Connectivity adds satellite-view maps with live traffic visualization, in-car streaming music & media, an internet browser (for […] Read More

Model Y Unveiling March 14 At LA Design Studio

In a series of Tweets tonight, Elon revealed that the long-anticipated Model Y will be unveiled on March 14th at Tesla’s L.A. Design Studio. Real Talk. We don’t know what the heck to expect! Normal doors or falcon wing? Normal doors confirmed! Buying or selling your Tesla? need a free NEED PRESENT VALUE ? Use […] Read More

Tesla to Provide Live Service Status Updates In Mobile App

Tesla to Provide Live Service Status Updates In another move to revolutionize the way cars are serviced, Tesla will provide live status updates through its mobile app. These updates will let owners know the exact status of their Tesla, such as whether parts are on order or when the car is being serviced along with […] Read More

Tesla Cuts Prices For Autopilot

UPDATE: Tesla is now offering post-delivery pricing of $2000 for Autopilot and $3000 for Full Self-Driving for owners who have taken delivery prior to February 28th. In a blog post Tesla Wrote: Autopilot, which enables automatic steering, accelerating and braking, normally costs $4,000 after delivery and Full Self-Driving normally costs $7,000 after delivery. Full Self-Driving […] Read More

Demystifying Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full-Self Driving Capability

Autopilot is a new de-bundled $3,000 option consisting solely of traffic-aware cruise control with Autosteer. This option adds the functionality to automatically accelerate, brake, and steer on highways; however, no additional features are included. Enhanced Autopilot was previously available for $5,000 and included both Autopilot and three full-self driving capabilities: Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on […] Read More

Tesla Price Drops On Model S Model X

Model S variants  • Standard Range ($79K): 270-mile range; 140mph top speed; 4.2-sec 0-60mph. • Long Range (now $83k; previously $96k): 335-mile range; 155mph top speed; 4.1-sec 0-60mph.  • Performance (now $99k; previously $112k): 315-mile range; 155mph top speed; 3.0-sec 0-60mph.  • Performance + Ludicrous Mode (now $114k; previously $132k); 155mph top speed; 2.4-sec 0-60mph.  […] Read More

Tesla Radically Revamps Entire Lineup

Tesla Radically Revamps Entire Lineup With the introduction of the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3, Tesla has radically adjusted pricing and configurations across all of its vehicles. Model 3 starts at its promised $35,000 base price with 220 miles of range, a top speed of 130mph, and a 5.6 second 0-60 time. All Model 3 […] Read More

$35,000 Tesla Model 3 Available Now

Tesla finally launches $35k model 3. Tesla said it is shifting all its global sales online in order cut costs as it begins taking orders for the long-awaited $35,000 version of its Model 3 compact car. SOURCE: https://www.tesla.com/blog/35000-tesla-model-3-available-now We are incredibly excited to announce that the standard Model 3, with 220 miles of range, a […] Read More

Tesla Stops All Order

Tesla stops all orders on its website. When you try to order from the tesla.com it redirect to; https://www.tesla.com/soon SCREEN SHOT: Could be the Model 3 leasing program. The Model Y announcement. The Redesigned Model S / X. Lets see! Read More

Tesla Selling In Nebraska

My google alert sent me this story this morning from the Omaha World Herald. Read it below and link to source is there too. Selling Teslas. Current state law prohibits auto manufacturers from selling directly to consumers, so Nebraskans who want to buy a Tesla — which sells directly to consumers — must arrange the […] Read More

Tesla Announcement Thursday.

I wonder what is being revealed? Model Y? Tesla showroom is making space for something. SOURCE: My Local Tesla showroom seems to be making space for something… from teslamotors Read More

Tesla In New Jersey Expansion

I came across this article here: SOURCE: http://www.roi-nj.com/2019/02/14/industry/bill-could-help-tesla-expand-number-of-dealerships-in-n-j/ Tesla may soon be able to open more stores in New Jersey. A new bill would reverse restrictions on the number of direct-to-consumer retail locations an auto dealer can have in the state. Currently, Tesla is limited to four locations because its dealerships are not franchises. The […] Read More

SEC to hold elon musk In Contempt

Now what what happ? WSJ is on it too: https://www.wsj.com/articles/sec-asks-manhattan-federal-court-to-hold-elon-musk-in-contempt-11551137500?mod=e2tw BLOOMBERG: https://www.bloomberg.com/news/articles/2019-02-25/elon-musk-faces-u-s-contempt-claim-for-violating-sec-accord?srnd=premium let the brother live. Dang. This is ridiculous! Read More

Stolen Tesla Recovered.

Stolen Tesla Recovered FEB 23, 2019 What was this guy thinking? Better yet, how did he do it in the first place! This is why PIN to drive is so awesome! Check out the story below: Tesla recovered when battery died, Riverside police say. The suspect was taken into custody after the Tesla ran out […] Read More

Support Tesla Connecticut

Tesla is about to push out in Connecticut. Show your support. Sign up. Email the Senator. Email everyone who will listen. GO TO THE LINK BELOW. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT https://teslaforct.com/take_action/ Buying or selling a used Tesla in Connecticut? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your […] Read More

Tesla In Texas

Tesla vs Texas dealer throwdown. Texas. Special interests have tried to spread misinformation about Tesla in order to block the company from doing business in Texas. Here are the facts about why Tesla sells directly to consumers, and why that’s a good thing for Texans and the state. Electric vehicles are new in the automotive […] Read More

How Sentry Model Works

Tesla released a video of how Sentry Model works with the cookie monster. Buying or selling a used Tesla ? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your Tesla for free! contact@onlyusedtesla.com Adam Qureshi Read More

Tesla Model 3 Lease.

Elon Musk Tesla’s last earnings call: “Well, we’ve been reluctant to introduce the leasing on Model 3 because of how its effect our GAAP financials. So it is worth noting that demand to date is with zero leasing. So obviously, leasing is a way to improve [Model 3] demand but it makes our financials look […] Read More

Tesla Model 3 Battery. Cost Break Down.

WSJ posted a video today about why a Tesla costs so much. I thought i’d share it. Buying or selling a used Tesla ? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your Tesla for free! contact@onlyusedtesla.com Adam Qureshi Read More

Tesla Removes Standard Range Timeline From The Order Page

I just checked the Tesla Configuration page and the timeline for the short range model 3 is not there anymore. Last month it was 3-6 months now it’s gone. Buying or selling a used Tesla ? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your Tesla for […] Read More

Tesla Sentry Mode Review

Check it out – Sentry mode is activated by motion detection – and designed to react to severe damage! “If a minimal threat is detected, such as someone leaning on a car, Sentry Mode switches to an “Alert” state and displays a message on the touchscreen warning that its cameras are recording. If a more […] Read More

Tesla and Cold Weather.

Range is a BIG deal for Tesla owners, especially in places like say Norway or bricky city Canada. It gets cold there. You can goto the consumer report testing of a Tesla in cold weather below , I linked to the source it’s not paywalled! It’s important to note that EV batteries lose range not […] Read More

Tesla Sentry Model. Guarding Your Tesla

Tesla Sentry Mode Sentry mode ships Sentry Mode Wednesday to U.S. Model 3 vehicles then Model S and Model X vehicles that were built after August 2017. In October, Tesla released version 9.0 of its software, which has a number of updates, it has a new UI on the center display and the ability to […] Read More

Tesla Introduces Dog Mode

Set a cabin temperature to keep your dog comfortable while letting passersby know they don’t need to worry. WOW Dog mode is meant to accomplish two things: keep dogs, or perhaps a hamster or cat, in a climate-controlled environment, if left unattended in a vehicle, and let passersby know their status. To enable Dog Mode, […] Read More

Tesla Autonomous Driving Report.

Tesla released a letter to the DMV. To date, Tesla’s worldwide customer fleet has driven over 1B miles using Autopilot. In Q3 2018, Tesla vehicles experienced 1 crash for every 1.92 million miles driven. In the same timeframe, Tesla vehicles experienced 1 crash for every 3.34 million miles driven with Autopilot engaged. By comparison, NHTSA […] Read More

Tesla Bill New Mexico.

Los Alamos monitor has a very good article about Teslas being sold in New Mexico: You can read it below OR goto the source link below. One by one, Tesla has convinced 23 states and Washington, D.C., to allow the maverick electric carmaker the ability to sell directly to the public as a licensed dealer. […] Read More

Range Drop In Cold Weather.

AAA finds that icy temperatures cause drop in electric vehicle range Key Findings: 1. In isolation, hot and cold ambient temperatures resulted in modest reductions of driving range and equivalent fuel economy. Driving range and equivalent fuel economy reductions slightly differ due to the temperature dependency of both the recharge allocation factor (RAF) and battery […] Read More

Tesla Lowers Model 3 prices Again! as tax credit is cut to $3,750.

The Model 3 sales price is now $34,850, which includes a $3,750 tax credit and $4,300 in estimated gas savings. Last month, Tesla cut prices by $2,000 after the federal tax credit was cut in half on Jan. 1. Tesla updated their site and configurator. The mid-range model 3 now starts at $42,900. And dropped […] Read More

Joe Rogan’s New Tesla is Preposterous!

Joe Rogan’s New Tesla is Preposterous! Joe Rogan just bought a Tesla – a black 2017 model S P100D. “It’s the fastest thing ever..super comfortable..driving that car feels like the future…I think it’s great!” He loves muscle cars, but he said, “Tesla is the future- when you drive it, you realize it’s the future…Elon Musk […] Read More

Tesla Q4 2018 Earnings letter.

Tesla Q4 2018 Earning Letter. SOURCE:http://ir.tesla.com/static-files/0b913415-467d-4c0d-be4c-9225c2cb0ae0 This is a very smart summery i found on hacker news from handle chollida1. Dude just breaks it down. I can’t write a summary like that and I thought i’d share it. Check it out below. – Will they give guidance on Model 3, Geographic breakdown(most other peers do)? […] Read More

Tesla Model S & X – New Naming Convention

Last week Tesla dropped the 75kWh battery option. Check out what they came up with next (and my guess is they’ll roll out an autopilot monthly subscription option for $199/month pay as you go). You heard it here first – check out the new line up below! So this begs the question. If they drop […] Read More

Tesla Sentry Mode Will Play Classical Music During a Robbery

Tesla Sentry Mode will play Bach’s Toccata and Fugue during a robbery (and keep Summer safe). Tesla has been working on sentry mode to deter robberies. There have been a lot of strange smash and grabs in the bay area. I have no clue what’s going on with that in San Francisco. What are the […] Read More

Model 3 Standard Range Ship Estimate Pushed to 4-6 Months.

Model 3 SR pushed to 4-6 Months. Buying or selling a used Tesla Model 3? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your Tesla for free! contact@onlyusedtesla.com Adam Qureshi Read More

Tesla Sentry Mode Coming To All Cars With Enhanced Autopilot

All cars with AP2+ Hardware will get it. Safety and security, 360° dash cam feature while you’re parked – if someone breaks your window or scratches your Tesla, you can see who did it! Buying or selling a used Tesla? Use the market leader – OUT (OnlyUsedTesla) You can also get a real time valuation […] Read More

Model 3 Dual motor.

We are seeing an increase in private sellers selling their Model 3 Long Range All wheel drive. Makes perfect sense to me Buying or selling a model 3 All-Wheel drive? Use the market leader – OUT (only used tesla) You can also get a real time valuation on your Tesla for free! contact@onlyusedtesla.com Adam Qureshi. Read More

Tesla commercial in Korea!

Damn Tesla in Korea made a commercial! its awesome. Read More

Tesla China Knock-off.

TESLA KILLER 2019 XPENG G3 by He Xiaopeng Showroom Walk Around. China will copy the crap out of anything. Looks like a Toyota Rav 4 to me. China knocks off luxury “add your luxury product here” – they have no shame – it’s comical! Read More

Tesla ready to take on Connecticut dealership lobby

Came across an interesting article and had to share it. Tesla ready to take on Connecticut dealership lobby. Link to source HERE Read More

Tesla ships a home charging station that can be plugged into a wall outlet. Cost $500

A Tesla 14-50 Wall Connector is your best charging solution with an existing NEMA 14-50 outlet. Offering a 25 percent faster charge compared to the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, the 14-50 Wall Connector is easy to use and convenient to install around your home or office. Utilize an existing NEMA 14-50 outlet for an easy […] Read More

Tesla To Cut 7% Workforce.

This morning, the following email was sent to all Tesla employees: As we all experienced first-hand, last year was the most challenging in Tesla’s history. However, thanks to your efforts, 2018 was also the most successful year in Tesla’s history: we delivered almost as many cars as we did in all of 2017 in the […] Read More

Model S HEPA Air Filtration Upgrade

HEPA Air Filtration Upgrade with Bioweapon Defense Mode now available for refreshed Model S ( new Fascia / nose) $500 bucks. Buy it HERE Read about it on the Tesla official release HERE Buying or selling a used Tesla? Use the market leader – OUT (only used tesla) You can also get a real time […] Read More

Tesla Ends Referral Program. Free Roadsters May Have Killed it.

Everything that has a beginning has to end! No more referral codes. What the heck will all these bloggers do who were awarded a free 2020 roadster by pushing their referral codes? It was a mess to begin with. We never push our code! Will there be another referral program? straight up NO. Latest: According […] Read More

Bjørn declares Tesla Model 3 Efficiency King

Bjorn is world famous in the EV world. He won like 3 2020 Roadsters. Check out the video. He was in LA. Read More

Cadillac shows images of its new EV to take on Tesla.

Cadillac wants to sell an electric SUV priced cheaper than a Model X. The new model hits the market by 2021. I wish GM good lucky. As the car continues its transition from a hardware-driven machine to a software-driven electronics device, the auto industry’s competitive rules are being rewritten. Cadillac is a legacy carmaker. Tesla’s […] Read More

Updated Model 3 Owner’s Manual (December 20, 2018)

The Model 3 Owner’s Manual is available on the touchscreen. To view it, touch Controls > Service > Owner’s Manual or access it after touching the Tesla “T”. More information about your Model 3 and the latest version of this DIRECT LINK: HERE Read More

Tesla will give you a full refund for any reason

Check this out! Read More

Tesla drops the 75 kWh

Starting on Monday January 14, 2019. Tesla will no longer be taking orders for the 75 kWh version of the Model S & X. If you’d like that version, please order by Sunday night at. Dropping battery packs is nothing new at Tesla. Tesla dropped the 60 kWh Model S in March 2017. Back in […] Read More

Tesla is the leader in the Global EV Market. Without question.

Tesla dominates the world market for EV’s. In the beginning of 2018, Tesla sold 19% of the worlds EV’s. Three of the next four car makers are from China, the world largest EV marker, where Tesla is building the first factory owned entirely by a foreign company on Chinese land. Musk went to shanghai for […] Read More

1,000 mile range and 1 min charge for real?

If you want to make an EV cheaper and able go say 600 miles on a single charge, the EV industry needs a damn breakthrough in battery technology. Good lucky! Electric cars are the future no doubt but when the heck will it happen? Ev car makers are spending billions in battery tech. The problem […] Read More

Details about Tesla Model Y

https://mobile.twitter.com/TheTeslaShow/status/1081913503361978368 Unannounced details about the upcoming Model Y from a little birdie: – AWD only – $35-$40k base price – 250+ mile base model – Autopilot HW 3.5 (with the possibility of a Tesla-designed Radar system, more cameras than current AP, no LIDAR) – L4 FSD-ready from launch Real Talk: Look at all these rumors […] Read More

Tesla Autopilot 3.

Hardware 3.0 According to Tesla’s Andrej Karpathy, as of Q3 2018, there have been large neural networks developed for Autopilot but cannot be used due to the lack of computational resources in the current Tesla hardware. The next version of the hardware could provide the resources to allow for better accuracy in predictions.[53] HW 3.0 […] Read More

Tesla Cut Prices in the USA by $2k.

Tesla said Wednesday it would drop prices for the Model S, Model X and Model 3 vehicles in the U.S. by $2,000. Tesla said the move was to help make up for a reduction in the federal tax credit available for electric-vehicle purchases. So, this will trickle down to the used market. If you’re selling […] Read More

A Brilliant Analysis of Tesla.


Audi Pushing Electric Cars Forward, But Dealers Still Holding Them Back

I was reading an article recently about Audi’s new e-tron electric SUV. It starts at about $75K, diffuses energy from collisions to protect the battery, and most importantly, beats the Tesla fast-charging record of 120kW. Great news! For just 75K, you too can help push the fast charging standard forward incrementally. Why am I underwhelmed, […] Read More

Tesla and Its Unique Opportunity to Disrupt an Entire Industry

It may be hard to remember, but it was not so long ago that Nokia was one of the most popular phones in the world. They were everywhere. And when they got to look at the brand new iPhone, the first generation, they simply shrugged. Ultimately, they saw it as non-threatening – after all, iPhones […] Read More

Why I remain optimistic about Tesla

Tesla’s stock price recently took a hit because of concerns about its delivery capabilities and about increasing competition from carmakers who are switching their product lines to electric. With a market cap still exceeding $50 billion, it can be easy to argue that Tesla’s price remains severely inflated, especially when you compare it with those […] Read More

Buying a Used Tesla Model S: The Ultimate Guide

When it was first released in 2012, the Tesla Model S was a game changer. It was more than just a luxury car — it was the world’s first fully electric vehicle designed for the broader market. Unlike hybrids, it doesn’t have a gas engine at all. It runs on electricity, and only electricity. Its design is […] Read More