Tesla’s Model Y Standard Range has been rated by the EPA, despite no longer being offered for sale. The EPA released its range rating for Model Y Standard Range: a total of 244 miles, which… Read More
Tesla has raised pricing on Model 3 and Model Y, while also refreshing the interior on Model 3. This is the fourth time so far this year that Tesla has updated pricing on Model 3,… Read More
Tesla has indefinitely delayed deliveries of the new Model S and Model X. Production delays are said to last several weeks, with very few of the newly-redesigned vehicles out in the wild and none delivered… Read More
Tesla’s 2021 Model 3 Long Range topped Edmund’s EV range leaderboard; however, Tesla models consistently underperformed relative to their EPA figures. The 2021 Tesla Model 3 Long Range All-Wheel Drive ultimately had the most range… Read More
Tesla has confirmed to us that it is possible to pay in full for a new Tesla using Bitcoin. We break down the fairly extensive process of using Bitcoin as a payment method. There are… Read More
Tesla is no longer planning to expand its Full Self-Driving Beta later this month. Approximately 2,000 Tesla owners are currently enrolled in the beta. The expansion was supposed to bring the beta to an additional… Read More
Tesla has once again adjusted pricing of the most popular Model 3 configurations. Model 3 starts at $37,990 for its base Standard Range Plus configuration. It’s been recently-refreshed with a number of improvements, but remains… Read More
Tesla has officially begun accepting Bitcoin as a payment method on its site. When ordering a new Model 3, Model Y, Model S, or Model X it is now possible to pay the $100 order… Read More
Tesla has a specific policy pertaining to salvaged vehicles that prospective buyers should keep in mind. A salvaged vehicle is a vehicle (of any brand) that has been declared a total loss by insurance, commonly… Read More
Tesla has increased pricing for Model 3 as well as the upcoming Model S Plaid+ configuration, while also delaying Model S Plaid+ deliveries. Model 3 Standard Range Plus now starts at $37,490, a price increase… Read More
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