I was watching The Social Dilemma the other night. It’s a fantastic film, and you should check it out. It’s currently on Netflix. As I watched, I was irritated while thinking about a moment from… Read More
Tesla has added a new, higher-capacity battery pack to the 2021 Model 3. The Long Range All-Wheel Drive variants of Model 3 now come equipped with a 82kWh battery, as opposed to 79kWh previously —… Read More
Tesla has increased the price of Full Self-Driving Capability to $10,000. Just as Elon Musk announced on Twitter last week then ultimately pushed to Thursday, the new price of Full Self-Driving Capability has taken effect… Read More
Now that Tesla has released its FSD (beta) to select customers and has raised the FSD price to $10,000, it has announced it will offer a FSD subscription service for Tesla owners. We believe Tesla’s… Read More
As Elon Musk shared the news that a “FSD monthly rental” will be available next year on Twitter, we break down the implications of a Full Self-Driving rental and what that means for Tesla owners.… Read More
Tesla is expected to increase the price of Full Self-Driving by “~ $2,000” on Monday, as the Full Self-Driving Beta begins to be released to customers. According to a Tweet by Tesla CEO Elon Musk,… Read More
Tesla is no longer offering a return policy on its vehicles. Previously, Tesla had offered buyers of a new Tesla 7 days or 1,000 miles to receive a “no questions asked” refund if they were… Read More
Tesla has updated its site to reflect an improved range for Model X and Model Y as well as Model S Performance. Model X Long Range Plus is now officially rated at 371 miles, an… Read More
Tesla has changed its extended warranty policy on used vehicle inventory. Used Model S and Model X inventory sold directly on Tesla’s site comes with the remainder of the vehicle’s original Limited Warranty, as well… Read More
Tesla has made the 2021 Model 3 available to order, with the most changes since the vehicle was introduced in 2017. Aesthetically, all of the chrome on Model 3 has gone through a chrome delete.… Read More
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