Cadillac shows images of its new EV to take on Tesla.

Jan 14, 2019   

Cadillac wants to sell an electric SUV priced cheaper than a Model X. The new model hits the market by 2021. I wish GM good lucky.

As the car continues its transition from a hardware-driven machine to a software-driven electronics device, the auto industry’s competitive rules are being rewritten. Cadillac is a legacy carmaker.
Tesla’s bread and butter is its OS and the cloud. The “pudding” is in the software the brains of the vehicle that runs a model s / x or 3. GM will have to also build an OS go run its vehicles. I imagine soon we will be able to build “apps” for the Tesla OS and there will be a “Tesla app store” where developers can build apps for Tesla’s. Just like we do with apple right now which runs on iOS , we will be able todo the same with Teslas OS.

Check out Cadillacs story HERE

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Adam Qureshi.

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