Demystifying Autopilot, Enhanced Autopilot, and Full-Self Driving Capability

Mar 1, 2019   

Autopilot is a new de-bundled $3,000 option consisting solely of traffic-aware cruise control with Autosteer. This option adds the functionality to automatically accelerate, brake, and steer on highways; however, no additional features are included.

Enhanced Autopilot was previously available for $5,000 and included both Autopilot and three full-self driving capabilities: Summon, Autopark, and Navigate on Autopilot. Users with Enhanced Autopilot activated will continue to receive updates to these features.

For new buyers former Enhanced Autopilot features are now part of a $5,000 Full-Self Driving Capability option. Full-Self Driving also promises the ability to recognize traffic lights/stop signs as well as autonomous driving on city streets later this year — these features are unique to Full-Self Driving and are available as a $3,000 after-delivery option for those with Enhanced Autopilot active.

Autopilot ($3,000)
Traffic-aware cruise control, Autosteer
Full-Self Driving Capability ($5,000)
Summon, Autopark, Navigate on Autopilot, autonomous driving pending regulatory approval
Enhanced Autopilot ($5,000)
Traffic-aware cruise control, Autosteer, Summon, Autopark, Navigate on Autopilot
Full Self-Driving ($3,000)
autonomous driving pending regulatory approval

While Tesla has shifted the prices and features around to make Autopilot more accessible, it should be noted that the total cost of Autopilot with Full-Self Driving Capability remains at $8,000 for both new and current owners that have Enhanced Autopilot active. (The combined after-delivery price for cars without Autopilot active remains at $11,000.)

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Adam Qureshi