Does Free Supercharging Transfer to New Owners?

May 19, 2020   

Tesla has offered various levels of Free Supercharging promotions to incentivize purchases. Free Supercharging was originally transferable to subsequent owners in the case of a private sale; however, recently that hasn’t been the case.

2016 & prior

Tesla vehicles that were purchased in 2016 and earlier that include Free Supercharging will include it for the lifetime of the car, meaning that all subsequent owners will benefit from it.


In 2017 Tesla changed its policy so that Free Supercharging would be tied to the vehicle’s first owner, and not be transferable to subsequent owners. Upon a change in title, the perk would be deactivated.

This only applies to Tesla models that were purchased in 2017 and later, and is not a retroactive change in policy.

Please note that Free Supercharging has only been offered on Model S and Model X. Model 3 temporarily had a promotion for Supercharging credits that would be added to the owner’s Tesla’s account upon purchase (with a referral), but Supercharging credits aren’t transferable.


While Tesla occasionally offers Free Supercharging to incentivize the purchase of a new or used Tesla from its own site, it is unlikely to ever be transferable again in the future. In fact, Musk had stated that “Free Supercharging isn’t sustainable & doesn’t incent optimal behavior.”

That being said, new Model S and Model X orders currently include “free Unlimited Supercharging.” However, the current promotion won’t transfer to subsequent owners.

Tesla is also offering Free Supercharging on used 2016+ Model S/Model X vehicles with the disclaimer that “Free Unlimited Supercharging is available to the next buyer of this car but is not transferable to subsequent owners upon sale. Supercharger idle fees may still apply.”
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