Early $35,000 Model 3 Orders Being Upgraded to Standard Range Plus

Apr 8, 2019   

We have received multiple reports from those that have ordered the $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 that their Tesla account is reflecting an upgrade to the $37,500 Standard Range Plus model without their authorization.

We are on speculative authority to state that Tesla is still unable to build the standard interior, as our Fremont source exclusively told us that they were facing manufacturing challenges (which may be related to cost). They may be upgrading early orders free of charge now that the delivery is past the original 2-4 week window, assuming these upgrades were not made in error.

Tesla has a surplus of Standard Range Plus cars readily available, so this may be a way for the company to move inventory while also fulfilling open orders for those that ordered the Standard Range car early on. The upgrade adds a partial premium interior with heated leather seating as well as a 20-mile increase in range and an improved 0-60 time of 5.3 seconds.

While we don’t expect this precedent to continue for all Standard Range customers, a lucky few may receive a free upgrade to the Standard Range Plus model. If production difficulties continue, we may see a software-locked Standard Range model.

We will update this post as we hear more from Standard Range customers.

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