Enhanced Summon: Ready for August 16th?

Aug 1, 2019   

Enhanced Summon is an upcoming feature (which has understandably been delayed multiple times) that will enable a Tesla to navigate a parking lot to find its owner.

Owners in Tesla’s Early Access Program have been testing Enhanced Summon since April. Summoned directly via a smartphone app, a Tesla will navigate a parking lot while avoiding obstacles including other vehicles and pedestrians to meet its owner at a designated location.

Tesla has been making improvements to the feature over the past few months, including adding a Standby mode that utilizes more battery power but reduces the amount of time required to start the feature. The final version will feature a top speed of around 5mph (as opposed to 2mph in early releases). The company has faced challenges in creating a version that’s suitable for a public release, with a focus on improving curb detection.

More features will be added over time, including the ability to recognize signs and park in a proper space. Tesla has larger ambitions for Summon in the future, with plans to update it over time so that a Tesla can be summoned from anywhere — not just limited to parking lots.

Timelines for Summon may be overly confident, as Musk Tweeted in 2016 that “In ~2 years, summon should work anywhere connected by land & not blocked by borders.” In theory, this means a Tesla could be summoned from a parking lot in NY to meet its owner in California. In practice, its progression hasn’t been that straightforward.

Tesla plans to increase the price of Full Self-Driving Capability by $1,000 on August 16th. We can expect Enhanced Summon to be launched around that time as the company has said that it will increase the price of Full Self-Driving over time as it adds new features. Musk was cited as saying “that’s approximately when we expect Enhanced Summon to be in wide release. It will be magical.”

Enhanced Summon (which recent Tweets indicate may be renamed Smart Summon) will be released to all Tesla’s equipped with Full Self-Driving or Enhanced Autopilot, and is expected to be included in Tesla’s V10 update.

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