Full Self-Driving Subscription Coming in “About a Month,” Following the Release of Beta v9

May 20, 2021   

It was revealed recently on Twitter that Tesla is planning to release its long-awaited Full Self-Driving subscription in “about a month,” with v9 being pushed to Beta users shortly beforehand.

Tesla CEO Elon Musk has mentioned numerous times that a subscription for Full Self-Driving will be imminently released, yet again confirming that it’s still in development and releasing shortly.

A Full Self-Driving subscription would bring current publicly-available features such as Navigate on Autopilot and Summon to an audience that hasn’t already purchased the Full Self-Driving option. Pricing is estimated to be greater than the cost of financing the option outright, with early estimates (including our own) at around $208/month.

Beta v9 is set to be the most major update to Full Self-Driving to date, accomplishing Elon Musk’s goal of removing reliance on radar-based systems. It will instead rely on computer and neural net pure vision technologies based primarily around the vehicle’s 360-degree cameras.

A new beta release as early as next week is expected to remove radar from Full Self-Driving. Once safety is confirmed and engineers are given further time for polish, the pure vision v9 beta will be released “a week or two later.”

Early Talk

We reported in April that Elon Musk said that “FSD subscription next month is a sure thing.” This would of course mean that we would see a subscription sometime this month — still possible but unlikely given this current update. Accounting for the phenomenon known as “Elon time,” we would expect to see it offered during early summer.

According to Elon it does also seem that the v9 Beta release will be a “mind-blowing” game changer for autonomy, which it very well may be pending feedback from beta users. Pure vision certainly seems to be the direction that Tesla is betting on for Full Self-Driving, which may also reduce hardware costs on future vehicles assuming that the automaker is able to successfully accomplish its vision.

A FSD subscription and the v9 beta are two distinct but important pieces of Tesla’s future autonomy model, which we’ll see worked out over time.

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