Full Self-Driving Subscription Potentially Launching Soon

Sep 21, 2020   

The launch of a Full Self-Driving subscription appears to be imminent, based on changes made to the Tesla app.

A user on Reddit discovered an additional section being tested on the Upgrades page in the Tesla app through “some reverse engineering”: users can choose to either “Buy” or “Subscribe” to upgrades.

Considering that Tesla has only mentioned a subscription being in the pipeline for Full Self-Driving, we assume that this is in preparation for a launch — possibly as soon as Battery Day?

The automaker also reintroduced Enhanced Autopilot this past week; however, the package is only available to purchase for a limited time as Tesla has set a deadline of September 30th.

Musk has said that a Full Self-Driving subscription would be available “toward the end of the year.” Users should keep in mind that the price of a subscription is expected to be in excess of the overall cost of purchasing the feature as an option.

Real Talk

Adding an entire section to the Tesla app that lets users subscribe to Upgrades seems to imply that Tesla has plans for additional subscriptions beyond Full Self-Driving. (Premium Connectivity is also a paid service on Tesla’s that aren’t equipped with lifetime service.)

The most likely scenario for a Full Self-Driving subscription at this point in time would be a monthly fee, although we expect to also see a pay-as-you-go model added in the future.

Considering that Full Self-Driving costs $8,000 as an option, which is ~ $120/month when financed over a typical 72-month term, we expect the cost of a subscription to be in excess of that to provide incentive to purchase the feature upfront. It’s likely that a subscription would be $149-$199/month, and the cost may increase over time as more features are added.

What do you think Tesla will charge for a Full Self-Driving subscription, and will its usage be unlimited or is it possible the automaker will offer different tiers of service? Let us know your thoughts in the comments.

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