Guide to Free Supercharging: No Longer Offered on New Tesla Inventory

Jul 21, 2019   

Tesla is no longer offering free Supercharging on new inventory.

For a limited time, Tesla had brought back its free Supercharging program for its newly-refreshed Model S and X vehicles. The program entitled owners to “free unlimited Supercharging” for the duration of ownership. The company had offered a similar program in the past as an incentive to increase Tesla ownership, with transferable Supercharging that followed the life of the car.

Currently, the only way to find a Tesla that comes with free Supercharging is to purchase a used Tesla. Our private sellers have a comprehensive selection of pre-owned models, many of which include free Supercharging.

Please note that only Model S and Model X vehicles purchased prior to 2019 include transferable Supercharging. Supercharging is not transferable on Model 3.

Tesla changed their policy on vehicles sold in 2019 so that Supercharging is de-activated if the title is transferred. However, free Supercharging on Tesla’s produced from 2013-2018 is still eligible to be transferred for the life of the car regardless of the number of owners or miles.

There is also a limit to free Supercharging on vehicles that were sold in 2018. (Which Tesla enacted to prevent abuse.) “Certain Model S and X vehicles ordered before November 2, 2018 include annual Supercharger credits of 400kWh, or roughly 1,000 miles.” The cost to continue Supercharging after that is discounted, and the Supercharger credits are reset annually on the date of ownership transfer.

For those that prioritize having free, truly unlimited Supercharging we recommend purchasing a used Model S or X produced in 2013-2017.

Real Talk

We should also point out that the cost to Supercharge is relatively inexpensive, and most Tesla owners only need to use a Supercharger when taking a long-distance trip. Unlimited Supercharging can be useful for those that are constantly traveling.

Still, free Supercharging helps ease the transition to using an electric vehicle and becoming accustomed to fast charging.

Tesla did have issues with owners using the Supercharging network more often than they should which led to congestion and overcrowding. Elon has gone on record to say that free Supercharging is “not really sustainable at volume production & doesn’t incent optimal behavior.”

With more Tesla’s on the road now, it’s pertinent to make sure that Superchargers are available for those that need it. Tesla no longer needs to offer unlimited Supercharging to entice owners to buy, though they could bring it back as a perk in the future as needed to move inventory.

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