Industry Heading Towards Autonomy

Jun 11, 2019   

At the annual shareholders’ event, Tesla CEO Elon Musk shed some light on the company’s full-self driving progress.

He estimates that by the end of the year Tesla will have a fleet of over a million cars that are capable of full-self driving, with older AP 2.5 vehicles requiring a simple computer swap to the new FSD hardware that was detailed at the Autonomy event. A rollout will begin next year, with regulatory approving forthcoming that would allow for true autonomy.

Full-self driving will be so valuable that it will negatively affect the resale value of all vehicles, particularly internal combustion engine vehicles, that aren’t capable of it.

The company is still working on Enhanced Summon, with plans to continue improving it so that it’s quicker and more convenient than walking. Summon has to account for all variables (moving cars, pedestrians, etc.) while not remaining so sensitive that it remains stuck in place when there are too many obstacles.

Musk is currently testing a development version of Full-Self Driving that is capable of taking him from home to the office; however, it can require interventions as it isn’t able to perfectly deal with every intersection or turn.

While competitors try to make their full-self driving solution perfect for a particular route (which Tesla would also be capable of doing), Tesla’s solution is more generalized so that it can work on a variety of routes as designing solutions built around satellite imaging and particular routes can become problematic if routes change.

The completion of full-self driving along with cheaper battery production were cited as the keys to Tesla’s future success.

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