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2018 / Model 3 / Long Range RWD / Silver Metallic

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2018 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range RWD. Chapel Hill , North Carolina
Enhanced Autopilot.
Silver Metallic
18” Aero Wheels
Long Range Rear Wheel Drive Battery
Premium Upgrades

We are selling our beloved Model 3, as we are moving to Europe and will have to get a European Model 3 over there to be able to use connectivity and superchargers.

The car is in great condition; we haven’t had any issues at all. This car is also not being manufactured in Silver Metallic any more!
There is +1 year of general warranty and +6 years of battery warranty left.
I will get the car serviced and the tires rotated by Tesla before we sell it.

There are two dents/scratches in the back (see pictures). Hit and runs in a parking lot. I got appraisals for both from the insurance and will either subtract the cost for repair from the listing price or get it repaired if preferred. Apart from that, there are only the usual small spots where stones hit and it chipped in the front (see pictures).

The car has all upgrades available (All Black Premium Interior, Silver Metallic color (no longer available), Autopilot, and premium interior package/sound system). Purchase price of the car in March 2018 was $56,000.00.

  • Listing Date

    Jan 24, 2021
  • Year

  • Model

    Model 3
  • Battery

    Long Range RWD
  • Color

    Silver Metallic
  • Autopilot

    Autopilot 2 (Enhanced)
  • Listing Type

    Sale Pending
  • Condition

  • Mileage

    42,100 miles
  • Modifications?


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