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2019 / Model 3 / Long Range AWD / DEEP METALLIC BLUE

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2019 Used Tesla Model 3 Long Range AWD. Detroit. Michigan.
Vehicle Delivery: 29-JUL-2019

Vehicle Details
Standard Autopilot: Enables Emergency Collision Warning, Blind Spot Monitoring, Autosteer & Auto Accel/Decel in Lane, Automatic Emergency Braking and Emergency Lane Departure Avoidance.
Dual Motor All-Wheel Drive
Deep Blue Metallic Paint
18” Aero Wheels
Black Interior

Eligible Upgrades
-Acceleration Boost (0-60 from 4.4 to 3.9) (it is already quick enough! I cannot imagine what this feels like)
-Full Self-Driving Capability
-Premium Connectivity

<6400 miles (continue to accrue since it is still my daily driver but should be very minimal. I am working from home now).

-A couple small scratches on the rim from “curb checks”
-Seats, carpet, trim are free of permanent marks

Maintenance and Care
-Vehicle has been garage kept
-Charge level has been kept between 20-80% for majority of its ownership. I can count on one hand how many trips I have taken where it was needed to go outside this range.
-Waxed twice personally. Exterior was professionally washed July 2020.
-It has never touched snow. Before driving this year, I waited until a couple of heavy rains hit to wash the salt off the roads.

Title and History
-Title is clean and vehicle has been fully paid off
-Vehicle and Battery still covered under their respected warranty
-No accidents

Modifications/Accessories (included with sale)
-No modifications have been made to vehicle
-Sill plate protector (driver & passenger side, removable)
-Center screen protector (removable)
-2 charge cords
-4 adapters (2 NEMA 5-15, 1 NEMA 6-20, 1 NEMA 14-50)
-64GB USB for Sentry recordings

Reason for Selling
-I am a single guy who does not want/need two cars. I have had my other car, which has been great, for so long that it will take a lot for me to separate with. There is an emotional attachment to it. If any car would have been able to get me to separate, it would be the M3.

If you would like specific pictures, just let me know. You have probably noticed little circles in the all the pictures, this is because my camera lens is shattered.

  • Listing Date

    Sep 23, 2020
  • Year

  • Model

    Model 3
  • Battery

    Long Range AWD
  • Color

  • Autopilot

    Base Autopilot
  • Listing Type

    For Sale
  • Condition

    Very Good
  • Mileage

    6,400 miles
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