Model 3 Inventory Available on Tesla’s Site

Apr 20, 2019   

New Model 3 vehicles with under 50 miles are currently available on the site. Customers will receive immediate delivery but Tesla is not offering any discounts on existing inventory. These cars are eligible for the same federal and state incentives as a custom build.

We were able to locate Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, and Long Range All Wheel Drive vehicles as of Friday night. All vehicles are bundled with Autopilot, though those who don’t want the feature may be able to call Tesla to de-activate it per their old inventory policy.

Previously, customers had to call Tesla or visit a store to locate existing inventory. Customers may still have to call to locate showroom inventory or test drive cars with adjustments.

It is also possible to search for used Model 3 inventory; however, there are none currently listed. But we have a bunch listed from private sellers. We think this is great! we’ve been selling used model 3’s since 2017 from private sellers. Finally Tesla is selling them too. The more the better.

For the first time, customers can search for inventory for all three Tesla vehicles via Tesla’s site. You can also find used model 3’s from private sellers on our main listings page!

Real Talk

It’s an exciting time to see Model 3 inventory available on Tesla’s site, since we may begin seeing used Model 3 vehicles in the imminent future as well including lightly-used customers returns. This also sets a precedent for Model 3 that Tesla will continue pushing new inventory that they already have available, and we may see additional incentives or discounts.

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