Model 3 Performance Available Without Performance Upgrades for $49,990

Jul 18, 2019   

Tesla is once again offering a Model 3 Performance configuration that includes Aero Wheels and the standard suspension at a discounted price.

Available by request, customers can order a Model 3 Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Performance model without the performance upgrades for $49,990. These configurations still feature a 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, but lack 20” Performance Wheels, specialized brakes, a carbon fiber spoiler, lowered sport-tuned suspension, aluminum alloy pedals (which serve no functional purpose), and Track Mode. The top speed is also reduced from 162mph to 145mph.

We are on authority to state that Tesla has only produced a limited number of Performance models with Aero Wheels, and we are unsure if the company will continue producing them once they sell out. While the configurator states that 18” Aero Wheels are available upon request (which some customers may prefer for road comfort), there is no discount for building a custom order and switching to Aero Wheels.

When the Performance model was originally released, Tesla had offered it without the aforementioned Performance upgrades for $5,000 less at a starting price of $64,000 rather than $69,000. However, the company dropped the price $5,000 shortly after and began bundling Performance upgrades at no additional cost which led to those who had originally purchased a Performance model receiving a refund check of $5,000 due to what Elon attributed to doing “too much too soon” with the pricing.

Tesla has recently switched to using Pearl White Multi-Coat Performance models without the Performance upgrades for test drive cars as well, which indicates we may see the company continue producing this specialized variant of Model 3. Currently, only a limited amount of in-stock inventory is available without the Performance upgrades for $49,990 through Tesla Owner Advisors.

Real Talk

This seems like a potential bargain for anybody who’s interested in the Performance 0-60 time of 3.2 seconds, which bumps the speed down from 4.4 seconds at a cost of $2,000 compared to the All-Wheel-Drive model. Performance Upgrades are mainly aesthetic and serve little purpose for those that don’t plan on taking their car to the track.

Tesla uses the same motors on the Performance model as other Model 3 variants; however, it chooses the motors that have the highest levels of efficiency. The company may have been able to increase its production yield to produce more motors that are capable of Performance speeds, and took cars that were built to be Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive that surpassed its testing requirements and essentially uncorked them to be Performance models.

UPDATE:Aug. 16. 2019.
Update: Customers have informed us that Tesla is including Track Mode on all Performance models.

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