Model 3 Trim Comparison: Standard Range, Standard Range Plus, and Premium Models

Apr 22, 2019   

Tesla’s $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 is set to include even more features than originally advertised, per our source from Tesla sales.

While we already reported that the Standard Range Model 3 would be a software-limited Standard Range Plus model complete with leather seating and premium trim, we have received a detailed official comparison between the various trims. There are only three key differences: Autopilot is optional on the Standard Range model, the “limited immersive sound” feature is disabled, and fog lamps will also be disabled via software.

We now know definitively that the Standard Range Model 3 will include front heated seats, which were supposed to be disabled via software but as of now it appears Tesla has backtracked on that decision. The only tangible features missing on the Standard Range model are immersive sound, which is a software feature that utilizes two extra speakers to widen the soundstage, and fog lamps.

Range will be limited to 220 miles, but since Standard Range utilizes the same battery pack as the Plus model users can effectively charge to 100% without degrading the battery. Acceleration may be downgraded slightly on the Standard Range model to match the advertised 5.6 second 0-60 spec as compared to 5.3 seconds on the Plus model, though that isn’t noted in the trim comparison and Tesla has yet to confirm whether that will be the case.

All other trims (Mid Range, Long Range, and Performance) include exclusive features like premium audio with 14 speakers, a subwoofer, and two amplifiers; heated rear seats; floor mats; ambient interior lighting; and premium connectivity with satellite maps and a web browser.

Real Talk

For all intent and purposes, Standard Range and Standard Range Plus are the same car. It didn’t really make sense for Tesla to disable heated front seats on the Standard Range model since seat heaters are significantly more efficient in an electric vehicle than using the heater, but now there are practically no differences between the two models. Customers who call in to order a $35,000 Standard Range car off-menu while it’s still available are receiving a bargain. Since the differences between the two trims are so minor, we’re not sure Tesla will be able to persuade customers to upgrade to the Standard Range Plus configuration after delivery as they had planned.

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