Model S Long Range Plus EPA Range Surpasses 400 Miles

Jun 16, 2020   

Tesla has updated the EPA rating of the starting configuration of The Model S long range plus, which is now rated at over 400 miles of electric range. 

Model S comes with an EPA-rated range of 402 miles — a milestone for Tesla as it’s the first time an electric vehicle has been rated in excess of 400 miles. 

Model S Long Range Plus is the base configuration of Model S, and the only model available today other than the upgraded Performance model. (The Performance model is rated at 348 miles.) It starts at $74,990 with a range of 402 miles, a top speed of 155mph, and a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds. Long Range Plus is inclusive of all premium upgrades, with the only options available being upgraded wheels, various interior trims, and Full Self-Driving Capability. 

Better yet, all Model S vehicles produced since January have all of the latest efficiency upgrades — meaning that all 2020 Long Range Plus variants are capable of a 402-mile range.  

Tesla achieved this milestone by applying a significant mass reduction learned from Model 3/Y production, creating new “Tempest” aerodynamic wheels that reduce aerodynamic drag and rolling resistance, optimizing motor efficiency, and adding a HOLD feature that smoothly brings the vehicle to a stop primarily utilizing the vehicle’s regenerative brakes. 

Musk had stated on an earnings call in April that the EPA had messed up its range test for the Model S by leaving the car door open for a portion of the test, and that Model S Long Range Plus should have already been rated in excess of 400 miles. The agency has conducted a retest that proves Musk’s hypothesis correct. 

Real Talk

This achievement is impressive, and represents a turning point for electric vehicle. Model S now features a longer range than many of its competitors with a fuel tank, and combined with the robust Supercharging Network there should be no range concerns for anyone.

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