Model Y Standard Range Cancelled, Replaced by a More Affordable Long Range Configuration

Jul 14, 2020   

Tesla has cancelled a Model Y Standard Range configuration, which was scheduled to begin production in early 2021.

Per a Tweet from Elon Musk, the automaker had decided that the range of Model Y Standard Range would be “unacceptably low” as it would have attained a sub-250 mile range rating from the EPA. Tesla has subsequently removed all mentions of Model Y Standard Range from its site.

Alternatively, Tesla has decided to cut the starting price of Model Y to $49,900 — a price cut of $3,000. The Long Range Dual Motor base configuration features an estimated EPA-rated range of 316 miles, which drops to 291 miles for the Performance configuration.

Rather than producing a Standard Range Model Y, Tesla will produce a Long Range single motor configuration early next year to further improve affordability.

Model Y Standard Range was expected to start at $39,900. The new Long Range single motor Model Y is speculated to begin at around $45,000, as confirmed by Musk on Twitter.

Real Talk

It should be noted that Model 3 Standard Range has a range rating of 220 miles and is still available off-menu. The Standard Range Plus configuration available on features 250 miles of range. While acceptable for Model 3 when it was launched in 2019, it’s clear Tesla has loftier ambitions for its mid-sized SUV.

We also anticipate the new Long Range Model Y to feature more range than the other configurations currently available, similar to how the Long Range Real-Wheel Drive Model 3 (previously in production) currently features more range than any other configuration.

Tesla hadn’t accepted pre-orders for a Standard Range Model Y, so the automaker is under no obligation to produce it. Musk stated that he intends to keep the product “excellent,” so we believe Tesla wasn’t able to adequately cut costs to offer a variant of Model Y for under $40,000 next year as originally intended.