Our Perfect Privacy Mission

We believe our client’s complete digital privacy is non-negotiable. Our business is not and will NEVER be based on advertising or selling your information. No tracking.

That means:

  • No Shady Tracking Cookies Following You Around The Web
  • No Selling Your Data to Advertisers Who Treat Your Privacy Like a Commodity
  • No Newsletters, Email Blasts, or Promotional Material
  • No Bots Posing As Humans to Manipulate You
  • Deleting Your Data When We’re Done with It
  • 100% Secure Servers, 100% Complete Digital Privacy
  • Remember the adage: If you aren’t paying, you are the product.

Why is tracking bad?

Pervasive ad tracking means that someone’s entire web browsing history can be effectively recreated by third party companies – and this information can then be swapped across the web by various information resellers.