Premium Connectivity Coming to Standard Range Model 3

Aug 8, 2019   

Tesla will offer a Premium Connectivity plan for Standard Range Model 3 configurations later this year.

Tesla’s site was recently updated to reflect that the company is planning to release “Connectivity plans for Model 3 without Premium Interior (later this year).” This comes without a formal announcement or Tweet.

Premium Connectivity adds streaming audio (via Slacker), satellite maps with live traffic visualization, and an internet browser which is directly accessible on Model 3’s touchscreen. More media options are expected to be added over time, with plans to integrate YouTube and Netflix in the near future.

Currently, Premium Connectivity is included on Model 3 configurations that are equipped with a Premium Interior and is standard on all other Tesla models. Standard Range and Standard Range Plus Model 3 come with Standard Connectivity, which is limited to basic maps and navigation.

All Tesla vehicles sold prior to July 1, 2018 will include Premium Connectivity for the life of the car. Vehicles sold after this timeframe come with a complimentary year of Premium Connectivity. Tesla has yet to charge owners for Connectivity features, though it is expected to become an annual subscription.

Pricing is expected to be at around $99/year, with the possibility of multiple Connectivity options.

Real Talk

Premium Connectivity is software-based, so it was only a matter of time before Tesla offered it on the Standard Range Model 3.

The subscription cost, which may vary by model (exact details for how much Premium Connectivity will cost on vehicles that don’t have a lifetime subscription will also be revealed later this year), is justified by the increased network demand.

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