Pure Vision Autopilot Rolling Out Now, FSD v9 and Subscription Launching Within a Month

May 26, 2021   

Tesla is pushing a Pure Vision version of Autopilot to Tesla owners with Enhanced Autopilot and up, and transitioning the FSD Beta to Pure Vision with the release of v9 in three weeks — at which point a subscription will finally be launched.

Elon Musk’s latest Twitter update on Pure Vision revealed a surprise for all Tesla owners with HW2.0/2.5: Tesla is currently in the process of rolling out a Pure Vision release of Autopilot. This rollout is expected to be completed in about two weeks, with the production version of the new version of Autopilot automatically pushed to all eligible vehicles.

Pure Vision relies on a Tesla’s 360-degree camera system along with complex neural net processing to control autonomous features. It completely eliminates the use of radar that early versions, as well as competitors, utilize for lane-keeping and other more advanced functionality.

This comes after Tesla revealed earlier today that they were no longer including radar on recently-built Model 3/Y vehicles in North Americas, with plans to make the change consistent across all Tesla models internationally.

The v9 beta release of Full Self-Driving will additionally transition all current and future Full Self-Driving features to Pure Vision, with a release in about three weeks. A FSD subscription is expected to “be enabled around the same time,” which would accomplish Musk’s latest goal of a June launch.

Real Talk

Tesla is wasting no time in its transition to Pure Vision, also known aptly as Tesla Vision on newly-built vehicles.

A majority of Tesla owners will be able to imminently experience the latest developments with a production release of Autopilot, and those in the FSD Beta program should be prepared for a major leap in the technology’s capability given Musk’s comments.

It is smart that Tesla is prioritizing development of new features before launching new services such as a Full Self-Driving subscription, which at this point we can say will be launched eventually after missing multiple implied deadlines. Delays are understandable especially considering that the best autonomous features are still in beta and will likely remain that way for the coming months.

As we noted in our previous post, Tesla is all-in on pure vision and this further shows how confident the automaker is in its capability.

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