Revel Bringing a Fleet of 50 Tesla Model Y’s to NYC Rideshare Program

Apr 30, 2021   

Revel is launching a new rideshare program next month that will bring 50 Tesla’s to the streets of NYC.

More commonly known for its e-bike and moped rental services, Revel Transit Inc. is set to electrify the rideshare scene. The company is investing in a fleet of on-demand Tesla Model Y’s, driven by professional drivers that will be paid a salary along with benefits and perks. Revel also pays for all maintenance, insurance, and charging costs.

Additionally, a network of Superhubs is being built that will provide charging access not only to Revel’s own fleet, but also to all other compatible electric vehicles in Manhattan.

Each Tesla has been customized to the company’s own specification, complete with a COVID shield designed to isolate the driver from passengers, a touchscreen in the backseat to control climate and music, and a front passenger seat that’s been removed to provide passengers with additional legroom. It’s all capped off by an incredibly stylish custom blue wrap.

Prospective rideshare customers can download the app and join a waitlist to be among the first to experience Revel’s NYC Tesla fleet. Provided the program is successful, Revel has ambitious expansion plans.

Real Talk

We’re surprised more companies aren’t doing this. The benefits of using a Tesla as a taxi are innumerable to the environment, as well as to both drivers and passengers. Frankly we need more rideshare fleets based on electric vehicles today, not in 5-10 years from now.

This program goes a step further than Uber by hiring trained drivers that won’t have to rely on their own vehicle and an app for income, and is even still actively looking for drivers: this seems like a perfect opportunity for the right rideshare enthusiast.

Furthermore, assuming pricing is similar, who wouldn’t want to ride in a Tesla Model Y as opposed to a traditional Uber? We’ll have to remember to download the Revel app next time we’re in New York City.

Did we mention how stylish that wrap looks with the 20” Induction Wheels?

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