Standard Range Removed from Model S and X, Ludicrous Included on Performance Models

Jul 17, 2019   

At the same time Tesla adjusted pricing across its Model 3 line, the company also made compelling changes to the Model S and Model X.

The Standard Range configuration is no longer being offered for Model S or X. This effectively raises the base price of Model S by $5,000 ($79,990) and Model X by $4,000 ($84,990). Both vehicles start with a Long Range configuration, which includes significantly more range as well as improved performance. The price of the Long Range configuration dropped by $5,000 for Model S and $6,000 for Model X, which represents a better overall value.

As for the Performance configurations, Ludicrous Mode (which improves acceleration by roughly 20%) is now bundled as a standard feature. The Performance variant starts at $99,990 on Model S and $104,990 on Model X, $16,000 and $17,000 less than it had cost with Ludicrous (previously a $20,000 option) added. In addition, a carbon fiber interior trim is available on Performance models at no additional cost.

Like Model 3, Model S and Model X now come standard with Pearl White Multi-Coat paint. Elon explained in a Tweet that his team had convinced him to use the premium paint color rather than a solid white as planned due to “service repair complexity.” Solid Black is available as a $1,000 option.

Autopilot is included, while Full Self-Driving remains a $6,000 option until the price is raised by an anticipated $1,000 on August 16th.

Real Talk

Tesla made the right moves in adjusting configurations, as the Standard Range models were software-limited and felt unnecessary in comparison to the higher trims. The incredible 370-mile range on Model S is a stronger selling point for the vehicle and showcases Tesla’s progress. Currently, we feel the value across Tesla’s lineup is the strongest it’s ever been.

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