Stolen Tesla Recovered.

Feb 23, 2019   

Stolen Tesla Recovered
FEB 23, 2019
What was this guy thinking? Better yet, how did he do it in the first place!
This is why PIN to drive is so awesome!
Check out the story below:
Tesla recovered when battery died, Riverside police say. The suspect was taken into custody after the Tesla ran out of power on the 91 Freeway.
The Tesla was reported missing at 7:45 p.m. Sunday from a parking garage in the 1400 block of Everton Place. The person behind the wheel may not have known that the owner could track the car’s location by smartphone, which he did, Riverside police said in a news release.
The owner “did a great job updating our dispatch center with the real-time location” of the car, and an officer spotted it as it was leaving the 91 Freeway at Adams Street, the release said.

Tesla recovered when battery died, Riverside police say

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Adam Qureshi