Tesla Autonomous Driving Report.

Feb 13, 2019   

Tesla released a letter to the DMV.

To date, Tesla’s worldwide customer fleet has driven over 1B miles using Autopilot. In Q3 2018, Tesla vehicles experienced 1 crash for every 1.92 million miles driven. In the same timeframe, Tesla vehicles experienced 1 crash for every 3.34 million miles driven with Autopilot engaged. By comparison, NHTSA most recently reported the nation’s average is about 1 crash for every 436,000 miles. Tesla Autopilot driver assistance system has substantially improved the rate of crash. For Reporting Year 2018, Tesla did not test any vehicles on public roads in California in autonomous mode or operate any autonomous vehicles, as defined by California law. As such, the Company did 2 not experience any autonomous mode disengagements as part of the Autonomous Vehicle Tester Program in California.

FSD is very controversial, What does it mean? now the term is just stuck in peoples head to mean “Full Self Driving” means Level 5. We expect regulatory barriers and technological challenges will limit autonomous vehicle adoption prior to the 2030s, but we must admit there is a high degree of uncertainty on this prediction. ( We don’t know what we don’t know). FSD is Level 5 the holy grail. That will be 2050. You will not even own a vehicle then and we will all be on Universal Basic Income.

Self-driving systems definitions, sensor technology roadmap and associated autonomous functions. So you can understand what he means.
Level 0
No automation.

Level 1
At least one ADAS:
Active cruise control
Lane departure warning system Systems Ultrasonic sensors Long-range radar
Surround cameras

Level 2

Partial automation
At least two ADAS:
Lane keep assist
Park assist Systems Short-range radars
Level 3

Conditional automation
Self-driving under certain conditions
Tasks Automatic emergency braking Driver monitoring Traffic jam assist Systems LIDAR Stereo cameras

Level 4
High automation
Self-driving under most conditions
Sensor fusion Highway capable autopilot Systems
High precision mapping services Connectivity to infrastructure and other
vehicles (V2I+V2V)

Level 5
Full automation
Self-driving under any condition
Tasks Unlimited
autopilot capabilities Systems
Connectivity to cloud services


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Adam Qureshi