Tesla Beats the Odds to Deliver Over 200,000 Vehicles in a Quarter

Jul 2, 2021   

Tesla has delivered 201,250 vehicles to customers in the second quarter of 2021, the automaker’s most deliveries ever.

This comes after mounting odds, with semiconductor shortages affecting production across the entire automotive industry, and a new generation of Model S/X vehicles that only began being delivered to customers towards the end of the quarter.

“Congrats Tesla Team on over 200,000 car built & delivered in Q2, despite many challenges!!” Elon congratulated workers on Twitter earlier this morning. Tesla produced 206,421 vehicles total, featuring 204,081 Model 3 and Y vehicles.

Model S and Model X deliveries made up less than 1% of Tesla’s total output, with 1,890 delivered in the quarter. Nonetheless this remains an improvement over Q1 2021 as Tesla struggled to produce and deliver its next-generation vehicles after making them available to order, replacing the outgoing generation. Tesla recently launched its Model S Plaid earlier this month, with production expected to increase to hundreds of vehicles per week before normalizing at thousands sometime next quarter.

Demand remains at an all-time high, with deliveries delayed by 2-3 months and prices inflated roughly $3,000 compared to the same period last quarter due to “major supply chain price pressure.”  Deliveries beat the previous best-ever quarter by over 15,000 vehicles.

Real Talk

It is incredible that in a time period where automakers are struggling to produce vehicles, with traditional dealers lacking inventory due to the semiconductor shortage, that Tesla still managed to deliver a record number of vehicles.

On the surface it seems like Model S/X are making up such an insignificant amount of sales that all of Tesla’s attention should be focused on its mass-market Model 3/Y, but keep in mind that the automaker spent the past quarter tweaking and delaying deliveries of its redesigned S/X which are only recently making their way to customers intermittently.

Tesla should be able to continue delivering record-breaking quarters in the future as production and pricing stabilize.

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