Tesla Begins Offering Vehicle Wraps

Aug 7, 2020   

Tesla has begun offering its own first-party vehicle wraps at delivery centers, albeit with one major caveat: the service is initially only being offered in five Chinese markets.

Tesla announced the new service via the Chinese social network Weibo. The announcement highlights the fact that “Tesla is becoming more and more common on the road” and that the service is intended to “make your Tesla different and stand out.” Five cities including Beijing and Shanghai are featured, with more to be announced during the launch in mid-August.

Additionally, Tesla has stated that “many colors” will be available for owners to wrap any current Tesla model. The service will be offered to new Tesla buyers as well as current owners, who will be able to schedule an appointment via their local service center as they become available.

The advertisement features a Model X wrapped in a bright yellow, which is a stark contrast to the five more common paint colors available from the factory.

As we receive confirmation that this service will be expanded to other markets as well as further details including pricing, we will report the updates on our blog. (Elon has been surprisingly quiet on the topic.)

Real Talk

Ever since Tesla unveiled Model 3 with a matte black wrap and Elon stated that it would be a production option, we figured that a wrap service would be inevitable.

Ultimately owners had to resort to third-party options if they wanted their Tesla to stand out beyond the limited number of factory paint colors. A full-body wrap typically can cost as much as $5,000 (potentially more for specialty wraps), so it will be interesting to see if Tesla is able to automate the service and offer it at a relative discount.

Tesla had previously offered a partial paint protection film on the Model S as a factory option. Beyond personalization, wraps also offer the benefit of protecting the body from damage — which can be increasingly valuable as Full Self-Driving becomes more commonplace.

There isn’t enough variation now that Tesla’s are becoming increasingly more common on the road, so a wrap service is a welcome addition. It also serves as a free advertisement for the company, as it will cause Tesla’s vehicles to stand out further.

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