Tesla Brings Back “Enhanced Autopilot”

Sep 19, 2020   

Tesla is once again offering Enhanced Autopilot as a post-delivery upgrade.

Enhanced Autopilot offers many of the same features currently found in the Full Self-Driving Capability package at a reduced cost: Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, and Summon. The package was offered in the past as an alternative to Full Self-Driving.

The Enhanced Autopilot package is available for $4,000 via the Autopilot Upgrades page in the. Tesla app — half the cost of Full Self-Driving Capability, which has a current market price of $8,000.

It should be noted that after upgrading to Enhanced Autopilot the cost of adding Full Self-Driving Capability drops to $5,000; however, this represents a premium of $1,000 as opposed to purchasing Full Self-Driving Capability instead.

Upgrading to Full Self-Driving Capability adds Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, as well as a complimentary upgrade to the Full Self-Driving computer (which can be scheduled at a Tesla service center). Additionally, Autosteer on city streets and additional autonomous features will be added in the future exclusively for those who have purchased Full Self-Driving Capability.

Base Autopilot functionality (included standard on new Tesla’s) is required to upgrade to Enhanced Autopilot, and carries a price of $3,000 for vehicles that aren’t already equipped with the feature. Autopilot 2.0+ hardware is required as well, which is found on all Tesla’s built after October 2016.

Real Talk
This seems like a way for Tesla to raise additional cash at the end of the quarter, as the company will occasionally add upgrades via the Tesla app that current owners can choose to purchase. Considering no hardware upgrades are required, the Enhanced Autopilot package is essentially all profit for the automaker.

That being said, upgrading to Full Self-Driving Capability is a better deal for the average consumer as there is a savings of $1,000 (with the price excepted to increase as additional features are added).

Enhanced Autopilot is a more cost-effective option to add all of the autonomous features that are currently supported by Autopilot 2.0/2.5 hardware; however, it’s unlikely new features will be added to the package in the future.

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