Tesla Brings Back Free Supercharging on Model S and X

Aug 3, 2019   

Tesla is once again offering free Supercharging on new Model S and X vehicles.

All new Model S and Model X vehicles sold today include “Free Unlimited Supercharging,” including custom orders and new inventory. This perk entitles a Tesla owner to free Supercharging for the duration of their ownership.

Originally, Tesla had offered Free Supercharging to early adopters of its Model S and X vehicles that followed the life of the car. Contrary to the Free Supercharging incentive that was previously offered on earlier models, Free Unlimited Supercharging is not transferable to subsequent owners.

Tesla periodically brings back Free Supercharging to incentivize consumers. As recently as last month, it was offered on the purchase of an in-stock Model S or X. Tesla hasn’t offered Free Supercharging on custom orders since last year, when it briefly was included on all models including Model 3 as part of its referral program.

Free Unlimited Supercharging is expected to be offered for the foreseeable future on Model S and X, as the company has confirmed that it isn’t intended as a limited-time promotion.

Real Talk

This seems to contradict Elon’s claims that Free Supercharging is “unsustainable.” He was cited as saying that it should have been ended earlier since it “doesn’t incent optimal behavior.”

He does have a point though: the program is abused. Supercharging is intended mainly for long-distance trips, and some owners use a Supercharger when they should be charging at home.

There is a lot of value in Free Supercharging for those that are constantly traveling, which could become the deciding factor between Model 3 and Model S for some consumers.

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