Tesla Brings Collision Repair In-House

Jun 22, 2019   

Tesla announced that they will begin performing in-house collision repairs.

Tesla will perform first-party repairs of paint scuffs and scratches, minor dents, and all bolt-on replacements (such as bumpers, fenders, doors, and side mirrors). Appointments can be scheduled at Service Centers and through Mobile Service, where applicable, directly through the Tesla app.

Tesla touts in-house repairs as ensuring “quality work, quick service, and transparent pricing.” Previously, Tesla owners had to have their vehicles repaired at third-party body shops.

Collision Repair can be selected through the Service Menu in the Tesla app. Mobile Service will schedule a technician to come to an owner’s home or workplace to repair the car on-site. Users can also select their desired Service Center appointment time directly from the Tesla app, which should make repairs more seamless and convenient.

Tesla plans to add 120 new service centers this year to bring its total to nearly 500 (in addition to a fleet of over 400 mobile technicians), so customers should feel confident that the company will expand to keep up with demand.

Real Talk

This should tie in well with Tesla’s forthcoming insurance program, as bringing repairs in-house should ensure Tesla can offer more competitive rates as well as significantly quicker repairs.

This is great news for every current and future Tesla owner. Repairs will become much more convenient and seamless, with long waits for parts, inflated costs, and inconsistent quality (hopefully) becoming a thing of the past.

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