Tesla Brings Model Y In Parity with the Rest of Its Lineup, Drops Price

Aug 16, 2019   

Tesla has effectively dropped the price of Model Y by making more features standard.

Model Y starts at $48,000 for a Long Range configuration with Autopilot and Pearl White Multi-Coat paint standard. Previously, the same configuration would have cost $53,000. A Long Range Dual Motor configuration is available for $52,000 while Performance remains at $61,000 — all now including Autopilot and Pearl White Multi-Coat paint.

Orders can be placed today, which locks buyers in at the current price. Some savvy consumers are taking this opportunity to add Full Self-Driving, which costs $6,000 but is expected to increase In price over time as Tesla adds new features.

Buyers who have already placed an order can expect it to be adjusted to the lowest price available at delivery, though should inquire about switching to Pearl White Multi-Coat paint if interested.

Model Y is Tesla’s upcoming electric crossover, with deliveries expected to start in late 2020. It is based off of Model 3, and shares a majority of the same parts.

Real Talk

We can assume that Tesla was missing potential orders from consumers who were waiting for Tesla to update Model Y to reflect the changes that were made to its other vehicles. Despite Tesla claiming “Autopilot was included” on every Tesla in April, until today Tesla was still charging $3,000 to add the traffic-aware cruise control to a Model Y order.

This is particularly important since Tesla is accepting actual orders for Model Y, not reservations. Consumers expectations should be set, especially considering how frequently Tesla has been making changes to the rest of its lineup.

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