Tesla Cancels Full Self-Driving Beta Expansion

Mar 25, 2021   

Tesla is no longer planning to expand its Full Self-Driving Beta later this month.

Approximately 2,000 Tesla owners are currently enrolled in the beta. The expansion was supposed to bring the beta to an additional 10,000-20,000 users via a button for those in Tesla’s Early Access program accessible via the Service page on the touchscreen.

Instead, Tesla is focusing its efforts on releasing a 9.0 version that will completely eliminate its reliance on LiDAR. The new version would rely exclusively on cameras and neural networks. There will be significant architectural changes with an emphasis on improved pure vision.

Some users were recently removed from the program after their vehicle’s interior camera revealed their lack of required attentiveness, which may require Tesla to be more selective of who’s able to participate in the future.

There will be further FSD Beta expansion once 9.0 is released, which Musk is hoping will be ready next month.

Real Talk

It’s safe to say Tesla backtracks and changes plans quite often, although it’s often not without reason. If they’re planning on releasing a new version of Full Self-Driving that fundamentally changes the way the system operates, why continue expanding the beta for a version that’s about to become outdated?

We still think that the beta program won’t be available to “anyone who wants it” at this stage, and that Tesla should choose users that they’re confident will remain attentive.

It is clear that at some point soon there will be further expansion. Perhaps even a public beta, we just wouldn’t expect to see it for at least a few months — if not years.

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