Tesla Delays Deliveries of Redesigned Model S and Model X Vehicles

Apr 9, 2021   

Tesla has indefinitely delayed deliveries of the new Model S and Model X.

Production delays are said to last several weeks, with very few of the newly-redesigned vehicles out in the wild and none delivered to customers in the first quarter of the year.

No reason was specified, although Musk had emailed employees in February that Tesla was “almost done” retooling Model S and X production lines. Max production is expected to begin during this current quarter, although plans could change considering no customers have yet reported taking delivery. It’s unclear what issues Tesla is facing with either the vehicles themselves or the production lines that are causing the delay.

Customers that have ordered the newest versions of the vehicles are having their March-April delivered pushed to a May-July delivery window, at the earliest.

New orders for Model S Long Range and Plaid have an estimated delivery window of 10-14 weeks, while Plaid+ was pushed to “Mid 2022.” Meanwhile Model X is estimated to have a “May-June” delivery timeframe at the time of publication.

Real Talk

Considering that we couldn’t find any new Model S or X vehicles in Tesla’s existing inventory, which is understandable as Tesla has likely already sold through all of the pre-facelift vehicles, it is currently impossible to order a brand new Model S or X without incurring a wait of ten weeks at the earliest.

The wait is exacerbated further for customers who ordered a new Model S or X just prior to the redesign expecting to take delivery within a matter of weeks, as they were forced to order one of the new configurations and are now facing unexpected delays.

Of course there are Tesla’s, including Model 3 and Model Y, that are available as an alternative for those that aren’t able to wait to take delivery of a brand new, recently-redesigned vehicle.

Considering the uncertainty surrounding production it may make more sense for some new Model S/X customers to consider purchasing a used Tesla, which is immediately available across a variety of model years and configurations.

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