Tesla Delays Price Increase (Again)

Mar 19, 2019   

After prominently advertising on Twitter and in a blog post that Tesla would raise prices on Monday to counteract the reversal of store closures, the company has once again delayed the price increase to midnight Wednesday.

Originally, Tesla had posted on its blog that prices would increase an average of 3% on March 18th. Musk stepped in and Tweeted that the price increase would occur midnight Monday which was later confirmed in a Tesla newsletter.

With its customers anticipating the price increase to take effect today, Tesla’s main Twitter account Tweeted that due to “unusually high volume” Tesla was unable to process all orders, causing them to delay the price increase for a second time.

Real Talk

While it is great that they are giving more people time to place an order, many are anxiously waiting to see what the configurations are like after the price increase but these delays aren’t instilling confidence. Today’s Twitter update feels like an excuse to continue selling its cars at what amounts to effectively a promotional price.

I ordered Sunday to lock in the price and was a bit surprised to see the price increase hadn’t taken effect yesterday and definitely expected the site to have updated by today but it looks like Tesla is giving buyers at least two more days before the changes take effect.

We appreciated that Tesla alerted consumers prior to raising prices, but it’s beginning to feel like this price increase may be short-lived. It seems like Tesla is using the idea of a price increase as a marketing opportunity, and extending the promotion as long as possible.

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– Adam Qureshi