Tesla Delivers the First $35,000 Standard Range Model 3

Apr 15, 2019   

Tesla has delivered the first $35,000 Standard Range Model 3 six weeks after making the car available to order, with a few surprises in store for those who ordered.

The first confirmed Standard Range delivery took place Sunday in Florida. We contacted Tesla and confirmed that they are delivering Standard Range Plus models to Standard Range customers with all features currently enabled. They will change the spec of the car via a software update at a later date.

Heated seats and immersive sound will be disabled via software, and range will be software-limited to 220 miles. In other words, it is the same car as the Standard Range Plus with some features disabled by software. Standard Range customers can upgrade at any time via their Tesla account to add the extra Plus features; conversely, Tesla is also offering Standard Range Plus customers the option to downgrade and receive a refund for the difference.

As we reported last week, Tesla is offering the Standard Range Model 3 as a software-locked Standard Range Plus model after facing manufacturing difficulty building the standard trim which was supposed to include textile seating and a new, more basic interior. This means that the Standard Range Model 3 includes a partial premium interior with leather seats and a wood dashboard trim.

Real Talk

Standard Range customers have gotten lucky, and Tesla is smart to deliver Standard Range Plus cars to customers today as they’re currently available while they work on a software update to turn it into a Standard Range spec. This allows Standard Range customers to experience the Standard Range Plus car, and having all of the Plus features at delivery might push them to upgrade later on when Tesla does inevitably limit its range and features.

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