Tesla Drops Prices Across All Model 3 Configurations, Makes Pearl White Multi-Coat Standard

Jul 15, 2019   

Tesla has dropped the price of all Model 3 configurations, significantly so in some cases, and in a surprising move made Pearl White Multi-Coat the standard color.

Model 3 now starts at $38,990 in Tesla’s online configurator for a Standard Range Plus model (a price cut of $1,000). Dual Motor All-Wheel-Drive Long Range dropped to $47,990, which represents a price cut of $2,000. The Performance model has the largest price cut of all three variants, with its price dropping to $54,990 for a total price cut of $5,000.

Additionally, Tesla has made Pearl White Multi-Coat the default color across its entire line, on the 3, S, and X. Elon revealed on Twitter last month that Tesla was planning to switch the base color on Model 3 from Solid Black to white; however, he had indicated that it would be a solid non-metallic white and not the Pearl White Multi-Coat that Tesla had previously charged $2,000-$2,500 for. Solid Black is now a $750 option.

Autopilot is included, and Full Self-Driving remains a $6,000 option both at delivery and after delivery.

These price cuts coincide with the tax credit being halved again from $3,750 to $1,875.

Real Talk

We had expected Tesla to drop the price following the tax credit being reduced, it was only a matter of when. This is slightly more significant than we had anticipated, but we are all for Tesla expanding Model 3’s viability to a wider audience.

Pearl White Multi-Coat may only be a free base color for a limited time if Tesla is still preparing a Solid White. It seems like offering it now at no additional charge may be a tactic to garner sales and increase the presence of what we feel is one of Tesla’s best colors.

It would be odd if Tesla charged for more basic metallic colors while keeping Pearl White Multi-Coat the base color, but it’s also the color that showcases Tesla’s vehicles best and may be worth making standard for marketing purposes for the foreseeable future. After all, a majority of Tesla’s marketing is done through word of mouth and people seeing its vehicles on the road.

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