Tesla Ends Referral Program. Free Roadsters May Have Killed it.

Jan 17, 2019   

Everything that has a beginning has to end! No more referral codes. What the heck will all these bloggers do who were awarded a free 2020 roadster by pushing their referral codes? It was a mess to begin with. We never push our code!

Will there be another referral program? straight up NO.


According to https://top.teslastats.no/ these bloggers won like 60 2020 Roadsters. We are waiting for these to come in since they can only sell the 2020 Tesla roadster when they take delivery after they register it. Tesla won’t give the award to anyone who didn’t win it. Even if you purchased it, the original customer would have to be the person who buys and registers it

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Adam Qureshi.