Tesla Full Self Driving (FSD) subscription services

Oct 26, 2020   

Now that Tesla has released its FSD (beta) to select customers and has raised the FSD price to $10,000, it has announced it will offer a FSD subscription service for Tesla owners. We believe Tesla’s long-term business strategy largely revolves around the FSD software and the Tesla Network: Selling electric vehicles (i.e. hardware) at cost in order to maximize profits via selling software.

In order to transition to its long-term goals, Tesla could potentially have 5 distinct FSD subscription pricing models: 1) Individual, 2) Family, 3) Friends&Family, 4) Employers, 5) Tesla Network. The subscription pricing could be dependent on the Full-Self-Driving Miles-per-Month (FSD MPM). For example, at $0.10/FSD mile, the price would range between $100-$1,000/month depending on the Tesla FSD owner type and its targeted “FSD user profile”

See chart below:

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