Tesla In Texas

Feb 21, 2019   

Tesla vs Texas dealer throwdown. Texas.

Special interests have tried to spread misinformation about Tesla in order to block the company from doing business in Texas. Here are the facts about why Tesla sells directly to consumers, and why that’s a good thing for Texans and the state.

Electric vehicles are new in the automotive industry, and as the only all-electric auto manufacturer in the U.S., Tesla is uniquely qualified to educate drivers about the features and benefits of all-electric drivetrains. The company is committed to increasing awareness of electric vehicles and making them more accessible.
Consumer Reports has written about prospective EV buyers’ experiences trying to purchase an electric vehicle from traditional dealers. In many instances, dealers encourage buyers to purchase vehicles with an internal combustion engine because they have a lower upfront cost and more costly long-term service needs compared to an electric vehicle.
Tesla stores create a positive economic impact through the creation of jobs and direct investment in the communities where they operate. Each new store represents an investment of approximately $1 million and generates about 25 good-paying jobs.
There is no evidence in any of the states where Tesla operates company-owned stores that its presence has resulted in franchise dealership closures or dealership job losses.
Since Tesla’s inception in 2003, no other automotive manufacturer has successfully sold directly to U.S. consumers.
The Federal Trade Commission has repeatedly argued for Tesla’s pro-consumer position, and against the use of government power to tilt the market in favor of special interests such as the franchise dealer system.
“[S]tate prohibitions against direct consumer auto sales by manufacturers should be eased. Our point: States should allow consumers to choose not only the cars they buy, but also how they buy them.” – FTC staff

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Adam Qureshi