Tesla Increases Range on Model X, Model Y, and Model S Performance

Oct 16, 2020   

Tesla has updated its site to reflect an improved range for Model X and Model Y as well as Model S Performance.

Model X Long Range Plus is now officially rated at 371 miles, an increase of 20 miles.

Model X Performance sees a more significant range improvement at a total of 341 miles, up from 305 miles.

Model Y Long Range All-Wheel Drive now starts with 325 miles of range, up 9 miles from its initial range rating of 316 miles.

The Performance configuration of Model Y features 12 additional miles of range, bringing its total to 303 miles.

Even more dramatically, Model S Performance has had its range updated from 348 miles to 387 miles. The range of Model S Long Range Plus remains at 402 miles.

The only vehicle that we could confirm has had a hardware upgrade is Model Y, which shares a new efficiency package that’s included on the 2021 Model 3 — albeit without the heat pump that contributes to Model 3’s improved range of up to 353 miles.

Regardless, a software update is available for current Model Y owners that “improves the efficiency of the motors and the climate control system.”

Tesla regularly improves efficiency via software, so it’s possible that current owners of Model X and Model S Performance may benefit from increased range as well.

Real Talk

It’s interesting to see Tesla updating the range across its entire lineup on the same day. We’d like to see the automaker continue to make universal changes across all of its vehicles

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