Tesla is the leader in the Global EV Market. Without question.

Jan 8, 2019   

Tesla dominates the world market for EV’s. In the beginning of 2018, Tesla sold 19% of the worlds EV’s. Three of the next four car makers are from China, the world largest EV marker, where Tesla is building the first factory owned entirely by a foreign company on Chinese land. Musk went to shanghai for a ceremony on Monday and said on twitter that production of the model 3 will begin at the new plant in late 2019. Check out the product roadmap that was published in Bloomberg. SOURCE

Sany Monro from Monro did a deep dive into tesla and the how the engineering at tesla is the best on the planet. I will write a in depth post about that later in the meantime if you want to learn about what makes a tesla motor better watch the video HERE

Tesla started the new year by dropping the prices for all cars by $2k. Too off set the fed tax credit. Tesla will have some competition in 2019 , with the Porsce Taycan, Audi E-Tron, Jaguar I-pace, Mercedes EQC and BMW mini. Let the best EV car maker win. Tesla is a native ev car maker that sells direct to consumers. All the others are legacy car makers using the franchise dealership model.

We can’t predict the future only adapt to the present. The used market will only get stronger as Tesla ships more vehicles. We are waiting for someone to sell their 2020 Roadster price. We have plenty of model 3’s incoming including performance AWD and LR AWD. 2019 is starting off with the bang. We have dealer listings. Private sellers are selling like it’s going outta style. Even Tesla rental companies are selling their inventory with us. Ready to buy / sell your tesla? get in touch contact@onlyusedtesla.com We are the market leader!
Adam Qureshi.

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