Tesla Launches Refreshed 2021 Model 3

Oct 16, 2020   

Tesla has made the 2021 Model 3 available to order, with the most changes since the vehicle was introduced in 2017.

Aesthetically, all of the chrome on Model 3 has gone through a chrome delete. This includes the door handles as well as the window trim, which is now a dark metal. This brings its design in-parity with Model Y.

All of the wheel options have been refreshed as well, with a new sleeker Aero Wheel design as well as more aerodynamic 19” Sport Wheels. The Performance model comes with 20’’ Überturbine Wheels paired to Pirelli P Zero tires and a lowered suspension.

The interior has went through a number of changes, including a new heated metallic steering wheel as well as a redesigned matte center console with 4 USB-C ports and wireless charging.

There is also an “efficiency package” that enables range improvements across the entire line: Standard Range Plus benefits from 13 additional miles, Performance from an increase of 16 miles, and the Long Range Dual Motor configuration includes a 30-mile increase that brings its total range to 353 miles. The increased efficiency comes from a new heat pump, as well as minor powertrain and software improvements.

Long Range All-Wheel Drive and Performance configurations also feature a 0-60 time that’s .1 second faster.

A powered trunk that automatically opens and closes and new double-paned windows, designed to increase isolation and reduce road noise, round out the most apparent changes to Model 3 — we’re sure we’ll learn about more updates as customers begin taking delivery.

Pricing and configurations remain the same, with availability in 5-9 weeks.

Real Talk

It’s exciting to see Tesla making so many changes to Model 3 at a time, and we’re also fans of the more visually-appealing configurator.

We hope to see more significant refreshes to Tesla’s lineup in the future.

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