Tesla Makes It Cheaper to Upgrade to Full Self-Driving from Enhanced Autopilot

Dec 6, 2020   

Tesla has adjusted the price of a Full Self-Driving upgrade for vehicles that are equipped with Enhanced Autopilot.

The price of adding Full Self-Driving Capability to a Tesla with Enhanced Autopilot active has been reduced to $5,000. This represents a price drop of $1,000, and comes without a formal announcement from Tesla.

While Full Self-Driving Capability currently adds no additional features for owners that already have Enhanced Autopilot beyond Traffic Light and Stop Sign Control, new features are in beta and upgrading to Full Self-Driving today ensures that the ability for autonomous driving on city streets will be added as soon as it’s made publicly available.

This change doesn’t affect Tesla owners with other versions of Autopilot, including the base Autopilot that’s standard on every new Tesla sold today. Enhanced Autopilot additionally includes Navigate on Autopilot, Auto Lane Change, Autopark, and Summon.

Per usual, Tesla owners with Enhanced Autopilot can upgrade via their Tesla account either online or through the Tesla app.

Real Talk

This is more or less a change that makes an abundance of sense: considering that Enhanced Autopilot already offers almost all of the features currently available in the Full Self-Driving package, there wasn’t a lot of incentive for owners to upgrade at this time.

Additionally, Full Self-Driving Capability purchased on its own costs $10,000. Considering that Enhanced Autopilot originally cost $5,000 for a majority of the time it was available, this brings the price to upgrade in-parity with purchasing Full Self-Driving Capability today at a total cost of $10,000.

Tesla had brought back Enhanced Autopilot briefly in September as a post-delivery option to raise revenue at the end of the quarter. Owners that purchased it at that time had received a relative deal at a price of $4,000. This change would make their total cost to upgrade to Full Self-Driving Capability $9,000, a savings of $1,000 compared to purchasing the package outright after Tesla’s price increases.

The best practice for owners that are looking to add these features after delivery is to wait for Tesla to offer limited-offer packages or incentives that can make the price more in-line with market value, as opposed to paying a premium for not equipping them at the time of purchase

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