Tesla Makes Pricing Errors on Used Model S Inventory

Sep 16, 2019   

Tesla has unloaded a number of used Model S vehicles at prices that are significantly under market value. 

The most drastic error we’ve seen so far is a 2018 Model S 100D Ludicrous Performance with Red Multi-Coat paint priced at $52,600. Prices went as low as $43,100 for a 2018 Model S 100D Long Range model. These prices are tens of thousands off of market value, and are unlikely to be honored.


Used Model 3 Inventory was subject to the same error exactly a month ago from today, with prices as low as $35,000 for a Performance model. Tesla quickly rectified the situation, offering those who purchased vehicles during that timeframe the option to purchase at an adjusted price or to cancel their orders. We expect them to do the same for those who ordered a used Model S with a price error. 

This comes after Tesla changed its inventory system last month and has been facing issues with listing and pricing vehicles since that point. Model X hasn’t been subject to the same price errors, and Model S prices have reminded consistent until today.  

Nonetheless, the adjusted prices Tesla had offered on used Model 3 inventory to those who purchased a vehicle with a price error were still a few thousand under market value. For the lucky few who ordered a used Model S, don’t expect to receive the price in the Order Agreement; regardless, Tesla may offer an adjusted price that’s still relatively a deal. 

As of the publication of this article, there still a limited number of Model S vehicles listed with a price error. 

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