Tesla Model S and X Due for Next-Generation Refresh

Apr 17, 2019   

Tesla is planning imminent upgrades for the Model S and X that will bring the most significant refresh for both vehicles in recent years.

New permanent magnet reluctance motors are expected to replace the AC induction motors that Tesla currently utilizes, which will allow for a greater degree of efficiency. Tesla built the Model 3 by utilizing permanent magnet reluctance motors, which contribute to the vehicle’s class-leading range and efficiency.

In addition, Tesla is working on replacing the current battery cells with the 2170 cells that are used in the Model 3. These cells allow for a greater kWh capacity, so as a result we should see range and performance improvements. New models would also be capable of a 250kW charge rate with Supercharger V3. Interestingly, there is code that suggests Tesla is testing CCS charging which would allow its vehicles to charge on third-party fast charging networks.

We also expect to see a major interior overhaul which would bring it more in-line with the interiors found on the Model 3/Y and Roadster.

A revised Model S/X should be released around Q3 2019. Model S received a facelift in 2016 while Model X has largely remained the same since its release at the end of 2015, though the company gradually adds upgrades as they’re ready.

Real Talk

New battery cells combined with a more efficient motor should lead to significantly better range, and would potentially allow Tesla to build lower-trim models at a lower cost. This refresh is needed sooner than later in our opinion as demand has been slowing with the release of the Model 3, which Tesla themselves calls the most advanced Tesla. The Model S/X interiors are also beginning to feel outdated in a fast-paced tech industry, so a refresh will be welcome.

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