Tesla Model S Now Starts at $69,420 (Yes, Really)

Oct 15, 2020   

Tesla has updated its site to reflect the new starting price for Model S.

Following an announcement by Elon Musk on Twitter yesterday that a “prophecy would be fulfilled,” the starting price for Model S has been officially changed to $69,420.

The new base price is for a Long Range Plus configuration with 402 miles of range, a top speed of 155mph, and a 0-60 time of 3.7 seconds. All upgrades, exclusive of Full Self-Driving Capability and varying paint/interior trims, are included in the price.

This is the second price cut to Model S in the span of roughly 24 hours, introduced to undercut the $69,900 starting price of Lucid Air — which won’t be available until early 2022.

Performance and Plaid variants of Tesla’s high-end luxury sedan remain at $91,990 and $139,990, respectively.

Real Talk

Juvenile humor aside, Musk made good on his word to further lower the price of Model S in an exceedingly short timespan.

While this is partly a bid to remain competitive, it should be noted that Lucid Air’s starting price factors in a $7,500 federal rebate. Most importantly, the only variants of the Air that will be available in 2021 range in price from $87,500 to $161,500. Reservations are available today, but Model S should match or exceed all specs of the Air by the time deliveries begin.

$69,420, as unashamedly nonsensical as it sounds, represents a compelling value for Model S that should only get better over time.

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