Tesla: No Plans to Refresh Model S/X Interior This Year

Jul 9, 2019   

Elon announced on Twitter that Tesla has no imminent plans to refresh the interior of the Model S and X this year, contrary to popular belief.

In response to a customer request for information about Tesla’s plans for the future of the Model X and the prospect of a “refreshed” model, Musk replied that there is no refreshed model forthcoming for either the S or the X.

Recently, Tesla did upgrade the Model S and X with what they have called the most significant upgrades since the vehicles were released. Both vehicles received a more efficient drivetrain unit originating from the Model 3 resulting in improved range and performance, as well as numerous other upgrades including an improved suspension. However, there were no aesthetic changes to the exterior or interior which has remained largely the same throughout the years.

Rather than formal refreshes, Tesla makes incremental changes over time which is signified by the lack of traditional model years. Even the Model S facelift in 2016 isn’t considered to be a refresh or a next-generation product, but rather part of a series of ongoing changes.

While there are more changes expected to be coming to the Model S and X this year potentially including new battery cells, an interior revamp that borrows from the Model 3 and Roadster designs may not be on the roadmap.

Real Talk

Regardless of whether Elon considers an interior revamp to constitute being called a refresh or not, we are sure we will see more changes later this year — just not as radical as we have expected.

A lack of significant changes from this point forward should stabilize the used market, especially since all vehicles produced from late 2016 on are capable of full self-driving.

Still, we do think the interior of the X and X is beginning to feel a bit dated as do many Tesla owners who have added or switched to a Model 3. In particular, we feel the displays could use an upgrade. It is certainly still a possibility that Tesla could make hardware changes on the interior as they do make minor changes frequently, but Musk’s Tweet today means that we likely won’t see changes to the interior layout or design this year. Not that we would totally count out that possibility since what we see a refresh might only be considered a minor change in Musk’s mind.

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